Polaroid Android tablet

Picked up a 9.7-inch Android 2.2 tablet from Polaroid (yes, that Polaroid). Spec-wise, it doesn't seem that bad. Cortex A8 processor at 1GHz, 4GB of ROM, 2MP camera, 6800mAh battery. And all the usual bells and whistles. What's it like in actuality? Check out the video after the break.


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moises1204 says:

is this wifi only?

icebike says:

He totally slipped saying anything about the radios.
The wifi symbol was the only thing shown in the status bar. This might be a good sign. It did show a bluetooth icon.

bladerunn3r says:

My grandma will be releasing a tablet to the market in the next week or soo

MowDownJoe says:

2MP Camera? From Polaroid?
...They've really gone down the crapper since Lady Gaga bought them.

accomando says:

Maybe it will come with a case made of meat.

kra2y says:

She didn't buy polaroid. They made her creative director of some specialty line of products. Don't know what they were thinking.

chrisd#AC says:

How does it respond to vigorous shaking?

Didn't look that bad. Probably $399. Could be a hackers dream. Sure it is open as all get out.

rizzay1 says:

In the settings why does it say about phone? Shouldn't it say about tablet?

El Jefe says:

2.2 is still generally a phone OS. Maybe when 3.0, which is supposed to be designed for tablets, comes out it will say "About Tablet".

...or just plain "About"

decyphersmc says:

Being Polaroid and by the picture at the top I so thought this was a tablet with a picture printer inside of it, which would be zany but awesome.

Snap a pic on the giant tablet with any camera app and print the photo out.

adck9d says:

for a polaroid first it doesnt look that slow. although i think that snappyness (sp) in the applications catalog is a little sub par...man people hate on anything they can per the comments about...its CES not showcase at best buy sheesh

fwdixon says:

I'm thinking someone got to it before y'all and d/l ADW and dolphin HD, lol.

Anyhoo, still has potential if the price is right.

backslasher says:

Looks pretty but stock with Beautiful widgets on top. Great set of widgets I have them for my Acclaim.

amojeba says:

Everyone and their mom is making tablets now.
Yay for competition ...by next year a high end tablet will be dirt cheap :)

.46caliber says:

Android 2.2 and market? It looks like it was already hacked from the photo.

ekt8750 says:

What a piece of shit. I wouldn't get that if they paid me.

DavidJ726 says:

I love the picture.. For just a brief second i allowed myself to think there was a polaroid picture ejecting from the back! For those of you who have never seen a polaroid, it's a camera that could take pictures amd also print them on the spot! ;-)

briankurtz79 says:

Ummm....who doesn't know that?

enzofall says:

No honeycomb, not for me