What services are included with T-Mobile's Binge On?

Sure, you can have your AT&T wireless service and be perfectly happy the way you are. But, wouldn't you rather get more bang for your buck? Just make sure to always read the fine print.

We help you shop smarter with our round-up of current AT&T deals!

Get a free 48-inch Samsung Smart TV

Right now, if you buy a Galaxy S7 on AT&T Next and have or add DirecTV and AT&T wireless, you get a free 48-inch Samsung Smart TV.

You have to upload your proof of purchase to Samsung within 60 days of buying the phone.

Your wireless and TV services must both have been active for 45 days when the TV is shipped.

If you're just signing up for DirecTV, it has to be a 24-month agreement or a 12-month agreement with U-verse.

It's not Samsung's latest model, but hey, free TV.

** Offer ends April 30, 2016 **

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Get $650 in bill credits when you trade in your current smartphones

This one seems to have a whole bunch of hoops you need to jump through, but if you're looking to switch carriers and want an iPhone 6s, you can land yourself an extra iPhone 6s for basically nothing — perfect if it's time for you and your significant other to upgrade phones.

All you gotta do is trade in your current smartphones when you switch over to AT&T, and buy an iPhone through AT&T Next. Simply add a second AT&T Next 24 plan to your account with an iPhone 6s and AT&T will give you $650 in bill credits, which will cover the full 30-month term for the AT&T Next 24 plan.

Yes, that means you're locked in with AT&T for a minimum of 24 months, at which point if the phone is still in near-perfect condition, you should be eligible to trade it in as per any other AT&T Next plan, and use the remaining bill credits (roughly $130) towards the purchase of another phone on a new AT&T Next plan.

But keep in mind, if you cancel your service, you'll owe the balance on the full retail price of the phone—up to $950. And even though you don't pay up front for either phones, you do have to pay taxes on the full retail amount. You must buy both phones with an AT&T Next plan, with a minimum $70 per month plan for each. Though the promo says, "free phone," the phone isn't truly free; you just get it back in the form of bill credits, which you can apply toward the purchase of another eligible iPhone. You get $650 off the phone in the form of monthly bill credits ($21.67 per month over 30 months).

Also, there's this bit of fine print that seems like it might eat into that $650 credit...

Note: The value of your AT&T Promotion Visa Prepaid Card (up to $650) is based on the amount of the Early Termination Fee or device payment plan balance shown in your final bill minus the Buyback value of your current smartphone.

Will definitely want to check with your AT&T customer service representative about how that works.

This one also requires "well-qualified credit," so make sure you haven't just bought a new house and three new cars while defaulting on credit card payments.

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Get an Asus MeMo Pad 7 for 99 cents

When you buy a $0 down smartphone on AT&T Next, you get an Asus MeMo Pad 7 for 99 cents on a two-year agreement.

You have to pick from the phones that are $0 down on an AT&T Next line and then you have to sign up for a minimum $14.99 per month 2-year contract for the tablet.

You have to buy both at the same time. You can get the phone plan and then a week later go back for the 99 cent tablet.

There are activation fees of $40 per line.

If you decide to cancel your contracts early, you can be charged up to $325 for the phone and up to $150 for the tablet.

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