Ditch the earbuds, these Bose audio glasses are at the lowest price ever

Wearing the Bose Frames.
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It's time to ditch the earbuds and upgrade to something sleeker with this Cyber Monday deal. Bose Frames Tenor are half off for Cyber Monday, making them even cheaper than they were on Black Friday. That's the lowest price we've ever seen for this great pair of audio glasses!

Bose built earbud-quality speakers right into the frames of these audio glasses and designed them so that audio feeds directly to your ears instead of the room around you. The result is a surprisingly private music listening experience without having to have a pair of earbuds sitting in your ears all day.

Bose Frames Tenor: $249 $124.50 at Amazon

Bose Frames Tenor: $249 $124.50 at Amazon
$250 for a pair of audio glasses is a hard sell, but $125? That's certainly more palatable. This Cyber Monday deal will have you jamming to tunes without having anything in your ears at all.

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Bose Frames Tenor works a lot like a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. They connect to your phone, tablet, or laptop via the usual Bluetooth methods and even feature an onboard mic so you can take calls or look extra suave on your next video call.

You won't get the same audio quality as a dedicated pair of headphones but, for the convenience, audio glasses are a great alternative when you're out and about.

Since these are polarized sunglasses, you can wear them out and about all day and enjoy hours of music playback before having to charge them. Bose estimates most people will get about 5 and a half hours of music listening before having to charge. Thankfully, charging only takes an hour which is an improvement over many other audio glasses on the market which can often take 2 hours or more to charge.

Looking for different lenses? Many Bose Frames Tenor lenses are also on sale for Cyber Monday, and you can even get prescription lenses for these frames if you need them.

If $125 is a little too much to give something new a try, why not check out the Razer Anzu Cyber Monday sale which offers a similar product for just $50? It doesn't have the Bose name behind it but you might not mind, given the incredible price tag.

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