The Samsung T5 1TB portable SSD has dropped to $169.99 on Amazon. The drive was selling for as much as $220 at the beginning of March. Since then it has been selling for around $180, but today's deal is the first time we've seen it drop to $170.

You Can Take It With You

Samsung T5 1TB portable SSD

The lowest price we've ever seen. Maybe only $10 off what it has been going for recently but $50 off earlier pricing.

$169.99 $220 $50 Off

In a perfect world, portable solid state drives would be just as inexpensive as portable hard drives. After all, the main feature of SSDs is they have no moving parts, which really makes them perfect for carrying data on the move. Hard drives are much more prone to failure when getting knocked around in your backpack or trampled on the subway. Unfortunately, we're not there yet. Luckily this deal shaves some of that cost off the top and you get a really good product out of it.

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The Samsung T5 has been reviewed well since its release with an Editor's Choice and 4 star rating from PC Mag, 4.5 stars from Tech Radar, and a review from Forbes that said it "offers a great sweet spot in terms of size, performance and price." Amazon users give it 4.7 stars based on over 1,550 reviews. Samsung backs it up with a three-year warranty, as well.

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