You probably didn't know what the capacity of the 7th-gen Kindle Paperwhite was. All you needed to know was that it held thousands of books — more than enough to keep your whole library with you all the time. However, when it comes to graphic novels and comics, more storage is needed as pictures take up a bunch more space than words on a page. Because if this, Amazon launched the 'Manga Model' Kindle Paperwhite in Japan which includes 32GB of storage — eight times more than the original model. Today only, Woot is offering this device for just $79.99 in refurbished condition. That's $20 less than the regular Kindle Paperwhite in refurbished condition. Shipping is free for Amazon Prime members.

Made for manga

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 'Manga Model'

Originally sold in Japan only, this device is the previous-gen Paperwhite with eight times the storage. It's available for only $80 today only and has room for thousands of books as well as hundreds of manga volumes.

$79.99 $99.99 $20 off

The previous-gen Kindle Paperwhite model is available in black or white as part of this deal. Its touchscreen display is easy on the eyes with no screen glare and feels akin to reading words on actual paper, as opposed to regular mobile device screens which can cause eye fatigue after staring for some time. A single battery charge can last for weeks which is pretty awesome too. As a bonus, it doesn't have the built-in distractions that a smartphone does, so you will actually get some reading done and not end up crushing candies or checking Twitter. With a 32GB capacity, the made-for-manga Kindle can store 700 volumes of manga, according to Amazon. As well as the expanded storage, Amazon also says the Manga Model also has a 33 percent increase in page-turning speed.

Woot states that the devices may have minor cosmetic blemishes and have been returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by an Amazon technician. They are backed by a 90-day Woot warranty.

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