Amazon's Prime Day offers plenty of accessories to occupy your wallet, but perhaps one of the best deals around is the KeySmart Pro. It's currently discounted to $38.39, which is just over $21 off of its usual price.

What makes this keyring special is that it has both a Tile tracker and LED flashlight built in. If you're prone to losing your keys (like me!), then you'll want to snag this. And if you've got your keys on lock, the KeySmart Pro makes a great gift.

Keys on lock

KeySmart Pro

The KeySmart Pro makes a perfect gift for a friend or loved one (or yourself). Not only can it hold up to ten kys, but it has Tile tracking and an LED flashlight built in.

Where the KeySmart Pro excels is its built-in Tile tracking. You could simply buy and add something like the Tile Pro tracker to your current keyring, but the KeySmart Pro does it all whil keeping the bulk to a minimum. If you find yourself in a sticky situation out in the dark, the built-in flashlight could come in handy as well.

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You'll need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of this deal, but you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to get started. There are lots of other neat little gadgets to be had as well, so checkout our Prime Day hub for much more.

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