Research from Counterpoint shows that, in the fourth quarter of 2018, nearly half of Pixel 3 sales came from former Samsung users while over one-third of OnePlus 6T purchases came from previous Samsung users. In the same quarter, the Google Pixel 3 made up 7.3% of Verizon's total sales, while the OnePlus 6T accounted for 2.4% of T-Mobile's total sales.

A large chunk of the Pixel 3 buyers were previously Samsung Galaxy S7 users, with 31% of them opting for the Pixel 3 when purchasing a new phone. Over on T-Mobile, many users upgrading to the OnePlus 6T came from the Galaxy S7 and Samsung J2 Prime. The research shows that there's a definite interest in competition in the flagship market — both at the high-end with the more expensive Pixel phones as well as demand for a more affordable sub $600 flagship such as the OnePlus 6T.

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Unfortunately, after a strong start in Q4 of 2018, demand for the OnePlus 6T has begun to waver. Initially popular for its performance for the price, now older Apple and Samsung flagships have seen price cuts to offer similar value. Between that and the limited amount of marketing, sales have been dropping in Q1 of 2019 for the OnePlus 6T.

However, even after disrupting the Android space, one area of the market neither phone is making much of a dent in is with Apple users. Less than 20% of previous iPhone owners chose to buy either the Pixel 3 or OnePlus 6T, and despite being made to challenge the iPhone, the Pixel phone still receives 80% of its sales from previous Android users.

Per Jeff Fieldhack, Counterpoint's Research Director:

The Pixel was built to lead Android innovation and be a device to sway the iOS base over to Android. Over 80% of volumes are coming from its Android partners. This is probably seen as a disappointment

In spite of the commanding lead Samsung and Apple both have in the smartphone market, the stats clearly show there is still an interest competition. With the ability to offer better value for the price or offer new technologies such as 5G, we could likely see more users opt to switch to devices like this in the near future.

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