Google Glass

Google is celebrating the release of the GDK by inviting more Explorers

If you've signed up for more information and a chance to purchase a pair of Google Glass, you might want to peek into your inbox. We've just received several invitations here at the Mobile Nations offices to purchase Glass direct from Google. 

Hi there

When you asked us how to get Glass on this site, we told you there would be more chances to join the Explorer Program…someday. Well, today’s the day.

The sneak peek of the Glass Developer Kit (GDK) is available now, making it possible to build new and innovative kinds of Glassware. We’re now inviting you, as a developer, to purchase Glass, become an Explorer, and join us in taking the next step in developing for Glass.

Click on the purchase code below to begin your adventures with Glass.

The price is still the same at $1500 plus a little tax, and the same range of colors — Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton, Sky — are available. 

We expect this is a big push to get some great apps built with the new GDK, and we can't wait to see them. To learn more about Google Glass, or to sign up and let Google know you're interested, visit the Glass website.