Mysterious Wear OS smartwatch listing makes us wonder what Google has up its sleeve

Google Pixel Watch 2 hands-on
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What you need to know

  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) listed an unreleased Google product in its database on Monday, April 22. 
  • Google's instructions to the FCC for how to view the product's digital regulatory information hint that it is a Wear OS smartwatch.
  • Due to the timing of the listing, it seems unlikely that the FCC filing is related to the upcoming Google Pixel Watch 3. 

Although the Google Pixel Watch 2 has only been out for about half a year, all eyes are on the upcoming Pixel Watch 3. Leaks and rumors have already indicated that Google may offer the Pixel Watch in multiple sizes for the first time this year, giving smartwatch buyers more choice. The launch of the Pixel Watch 3 is still many months away, which is why it was surprising that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) listed a new Wear OS watch from Google in its database on Monday, April 22.

The unreleased product, referenced by the model number G4SKY, is not explicitly described in the listing, which was first discovered by 9to5Google. However, they are attributed to a company — in this case, Google.

Normally, it would be tricky to pinpoint what kind of product is being referenced in the FCC filings without the help of familiar model numbers and other details. The filing for G4SKY includes a document explaining how users can access digital regulatory information for the product, and Google explains as follows:

  • Regulatory information, certification, and compliance marks can be found with the following steps from the Home screen: Settings > System > Regulatory Information.

These instructions match the process for accessing the regulatory information of a Wear OS watch such as the Pixel Watch or Pixel Watch 2, and this is what tells us the unreleased product is likely a Wear OS smartwatch.

Google Pixel Watch 2 hands-on

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

The disclosed connectivity options further support the theory that G4SKY is a Wear OS device. There is only one configuration of the product, and it offers support with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE. Because this device can be used with a cellular connection,  it has to be a Wear OS watch or an Android phone or tablet. However, since the FCC listing doesn't mention any 5G connectivity, it's unlikely to be the latter two.

Essentially, the combination of supported connectivity options and E-label instructions all but guarantee that the newly listed product is a Google smartwatch. It's a bit early for this to be a sign of the Pixel Watch 3, so it's unclear exactly what this device will be. 9to5Google posits the mysterious device could be a midrange Pixel Watch or even a Fitbit smartwatch running Wear OS, which would be interesting in either case.

Google I/O is happening next month, but no leaks have pointed to a smartwatch appearing at the event this year. Anything is possible, so we'll just have to wait and see, but it gives us something else to look forward to at the event.

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