This Pixel phone was truly iconic, and now it's 46% OFF at Amazon, no strings attached

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Retailers are shedding their old stock ahead of the 2024 release season, which means we're seeing a ton of unlocked phone deals that shouldn't be missed if you're in the market for a great new device. Perhaps the best offer yet is this Amazon deal that carves a whopping 46% off the Google Pixel 7 Pro, a slightly older flagship that still reigns as an excellent option for most folks, especially at this price. 

We even went so far as to call the Pixel 7 Pro the "best overall" Android phone back in 2022, and while it's since been supplanted by newer devices, the iconic device continues to impress with a careful balance of Tensor G2 processing power, sophisticated design choices, and some truly remarkable camera technology. And thanks to Google's software promise, the Pixel 7 Pro will continue to get OS upgrades through next year and security updates through 2027. 

Google Pixel 7 Pro 128GB:$899$483.93 at Amazon

Google Pixel 7 Pro 128GB: $899 $483.93 at Amazon

The Pixel 7 Pro was a groundbreaking device when it first hit store shelves back in 2022, and now you can get your own for less than $500 when you buy the phone unlocked from Amazon. As we described in our Google Pixel 7 Pro review, the phone comes with astounding camera tech that still holds up today, plus the efficient Tensor G2 chipset, a vibrant 120Hz AMOLED display, and the same fancy AI features introduced by the Pixel 8 series.   

Price comparison: Best Buy - $899 | Google Store - $899

✅Recommended if: you want the Pixel experience but the Pixel 8 Pro is too expensive for you; you want a sub-$500 device that takes outstanding pictures.

❌Skip this deal if: you can afford a newer smartphone; you want a phone with more than a couple years of software support.

While most users really won't feel the age of the Google Pixel 7 Pro when it comes to performance, there are a few things to consider when buying any 2022 device. Naturally, you can expect a bit less software support than you'd receive from a more recent model, and you could probably get a better deal if you process a trade-in or make some kind of upgrade to your wireless service. 

It's also worth noting that the Google Pixel 8a is likely to be revealed with a $500 price tag during Google I/O next month, so if you can wait a little bit longer, it might be interesting to see how that new midrange model compares to the Pixel 7 Pro.

But that being said, if your budget is under $500 and you want a great unlocked phone with powerful camera software and plenty of RAM, this Google Pixel 7 Pro deal presents a unique opportunity. 

Once your Pixel 7 Pro arrives in the mail, don't forget to protect your investment with one of the best Google Pixel 7 Pro cases!

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