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When your phone is leashed to a power bank in your backpack while you try to corral your kids on vacation, you should only be trusting your phone to the best long USB-C cables. Whether you need to recharge your phone, power bank, headphones, or your Chromebook, we've got some lengthy USB-C cables in two varieties: USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A for whichever power bank or travel charger you use. Here are the cables you can trust year after year, trip after trip to charge without fail.

USB-C to USB-C cables


Ready for the road: Anker Powerline+ C to C 2.0 Cable (6ft)

Staff pick

This is the USB-C cable I carry most often when I go to parks. Anker is a highly-trusted brand known for quality cables and it comes with a handy magnetic and velcro carrying wrap. This cable is flexible without just swinging everywhere and won't fall out of your USB-C ports at every bump and snag.

Moshi USB-C cable

LED indicator: Moshi Integra USB-C Charge Cable with Smart LED (6ft)

Moshi has a 6-foot C-to-C cable without the LED indicator, but really, why wouldn't you want to know for sure that the cable is still plugged in and powering up your devices? This cable comes with a velcro strap for keeping it neat in your bag, and this cable is rated for up to 100W Power Delivery charging.

$30 at Amazon
WiRoTech Cable

Colorful C-to-C Cables: WiRoTech Blue USB-C to USB-C Fast Charging Cable (6ft or 10ft)

These cables are available in 19 color combinations and three length configurations, meaning that you can get everyone the size and shade they want. I'm partial to Blue, and the Green and Hot Pink, but it's hard to go wrong with any of them — except maybe the Purple and Light Green.

$20 at Amazon
Aukey 10ft Usb C To C Cable

Laptop ready: Aukey USB-C to C Fast Charging Cable (10ft)

Aukey's lengthy USB-C cable is what you'll want to grab for your laptop, because not only is this a nice long, durable cable for charging your phone or tablet, it's also capable of supporting 100W charging (20V/5A). The braided sheathing should resist kinks and fray and the cable should be good for 25,000 bends.

$13 at Amazon

Right angle charging: ANSEIP Right Angled USB-C to USB-C Cable (6 or 10ft) (3-Pack)

Ever try to charge a phone while carrying it around in your pocket? It's a royal pain. Enter these right-angle cables from ANSEIP. Unlike most cables that are only right-angle on one end, these are right-angled on both, so one end isn't sticking out straight in your backpack or charger, and the other end is still sitting almost flat with your phone.

$14 at Amazon
Uni Usb C To C Cable

Go long or go home: Uni Type-C Fast Charging Cable (6ft, 10ft, or 15ft)

This is another cable that can support up to 100W charging, and while you probably haven't heard of Uni before, they make some excellent USB-C adapters, cables, and hubs that will last years and can take a beating. Another benefit to Uni's cables is that it comes in a 15-foot length, which is great if you need to run a cable across your entire room.

From $12 at Amazon

The best long USB-C cables will serve you for years to come

Long USB-C cables that come with a carrying wrap like the Anker Powerline+ are ideal for travel, but when you're looking for a long cable to snake from the wall plug to your bed, you'll want the rugged reliability of Uni's Type-C Charging Cable, which also has the benefit of coming in a 15-foot option if you need the absolute longest cable you can without giving up charging speeds.

You should note I'm focusing on charging speed of data transfer speeds here, and that's because if you need a USB 3.1 Gen 2 cable (aka a 10Gbps cable), you're going to be hard-pressed to find a cable longer than 3 feet that is affordable and reliable. Most long USB-C cables focus on charging speed more than data speeds because long cables tend to be used for — you guessed it — charging, but give it a little time and we'll start seeing more high data speed cables instead of just high charging speed cables in the 6-12 foot range.

USB-C to USB-A cables

Anker Powerline USB-C to A Cable

Gold standard: Anker Powerline+ USB-C to USB-A Cable (10ft)

This double-braided cable is long enough to stretch from that one outlet behind the hotel nightstand or across three seats at the airport lounge, and it's Anker, so you know it won't leave you powerless in a pinch on vacation. This cable should last you until you no longer use USB-A chargers.

UNISAME Cable 3-pack

Technicolor multipack: UNISAME Rugged Bold Braided USB Type C Cable (10ft 3-pack)

This three-pack of C-to-A cables comes in a few multipacks, but I like the Red/Blue/Green pack the best. This allows you to keep one in your backpack, one in your checked bag, and one in your purse — you should always carry a spare.

$14 at Amazon
ANSEIP right-angle USB-C cable

Got all the right angles: ANSEIP Right Angle Type C Cable (6ft or 10ft 3-pack)

When you're charging on the go off a power bank, you don't want your cables sticking straight up in your backpack — or worse, your pants pocket — as that's just asking to break something when you sit down. Get a right-angle cable and some peace of mind with this cable.

$13 at Amazon
Aukey USB-C cable

Beautiful, braided, branded: AUKEY USB C Braided Type C Cable (6ft)

This USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 cable supports 5Gbps data transfer speeds if you need to download your vacation photos off your phone in a Wi-Fi-less hotel, and it will charge quickly with WC 3.0 or 3A charging.

$9 at Amazon
Xcentz Cable

Bold colors: Xcentz Type-C to USB-A Fast Charging Cable (10ft)

Cable colors are usually either boring black, stain-prone white, or gray, but Xcentz skips these cliches. It offers its lengthy USB-C cable in either apple red or a quite fetching turquoise blue that will stand out from the drag tech cluttering your backpack or cable drawer.

$13 at Amazon
Volutz 10ft Usb Type C Cable

For the harshest conditions: Volutz USB Type-C Cable (10ft)

If you need a cable that can take a beating with grace, use the same USB cables Space-X uses in its capsules. I love that Volutz color-codes its cables by length, so you know exactly how long each cable you're grabbing is without having to unravel it.

The best USB-C cables for your older chargers

We've finally reached a point where we have a ton of selection for USB-C to USB-A cables, and while it's hard to go wrong with the Anker Powerline+ or Aukey Double Braided Cable, I have to say that I've been very, very happy with the Volutz color-coded cables. Most sables start to degrade and act up after spending months in my car in triple-digit heat, but Volutz cables are still going just as strong as the day I took them out of the package.

How long is too long?

USB Cables in a mess Source: Android Central

When deciding on a length of cable for charging on the go, it's very easy to slip into the mindset of, "Oh, I should get as long a cable as I can", but you don't want to be dealing with tons of excess cable tripping you up as you walk around or getting snagged on a pylon and breaking something. For trips, I traditionally tend to like 6-foot cables for charging in places such as theme parks and airports, as that gives you a decent length for snaking from your backpack to your phone or from the overcrowded outlets to the other side of the couch in the airport lounge.

For charging in unfamiliar locations with potentially obstructed or out of the way outlets like hotel rooms, 10-foot cables ensure that no matter how well a port is hidden, you'll be able to snake your charger in and get your tech powered back up. The longer a cable is, the slower it tends to charge and the more likely it is to get in the way, but 10-foot cables make for good emergency cables for unfamiliar environments. 10-foot cables are also great if the whole family is tethered to a single, massive power bank in Mom's backpack, as 10ft will give everyone a tiny bit of breathing room.

Again, be mindful of your slack when using long cables in public. Breaking a cable mid-morning and running out of power by mid-afternoon can derail your day and your mood. Charging cables at vacation spots tend to be short, low-quality, and severely overpriced, so it never hurts to bring a spare from home!

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