YouTube TV drops a new NFL Sunday Ticket deal to celebrate the Draft

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What you need to know

  • YouTube TV is offering a new deal for new users who bundle it with the NFL Sunday Ticker.
  • Users can save $170 on the Sunday Ticket and see their monthly bill drop by $15 for the first three months.
  • The NFL Sunday Ticket rewarded subscribers with unlimited simultaneous streams while at home in 2023 and introduced a monthly payment option for "most states."

YouTube TV is kickstarting a new deal (until May 16) for those interested in grabbing an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription before the 2024 season begins.

The streaming service announced its "lowest price of the year" via the YouTube TV account on X. In celebration of the NFL Draft, the company states new users can bundle the NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube TV to save up to $215 until May 16.

Bundling the NFL Sunday Ticket will save new users $170. After purchasing, YouTube states users' monthly payments will be reduced by $15. The monthly reduction will last for the first three months.

This means users will pay around $57 for three months before YouTube TV kicks it back up to its standard $72 per month.

The YouTube team took to X to answer some user questions regarding how last year's subscribers could get in on the deal. The post states NFL Sunday Ticket holders from 2023, who also enabled auto-renew, must cancel the auto-renewed purchase. After, users must re-purchase the subscription to take part in the deal before the May 16 cut-off.

YouTube's deal card reiterates that the Sunday Ticket is what gives users access to over 160 out-of-market games "per season." The YouTube TV side is how football lovers can get locally televised games every Sunday. Moreover, viewers can watch every Sunday and Monday night game, the 2024 preseason, playoffs, and Super Bowl.

Before 2023's kickoff, YouTube highlighted the addition of unlimited simultaneous streams for NFL Sunday Ticket holders. The ability to do so pertained to those watching games from home. However, those on the go gained two additional streams to tack onto their Sunday content.

It's also worth remembering that, due to user feedback, YouTube TV subscribers can set up a monthly payment plan for the NFL subscription. This allows folks to pay at their own cadence and hop out if the price becomes overbearing. Unfortunately, the company rolled out support for monthly payments in "most states," which left a few others out of the useful option.

YouTube TV: Starting at $50.99/month for three months, then $72.99/month

YouTube TV: Starting at $50.99/month for three months, then $72.99/month

With YouTube TV, you can have the power of streaming at your fingertips with access to live TV, on-demand content, and much more. You can also add different bundles for additional content, such as the NFL Sunday Ticket, which gets you access to every Sunday football game in a season.

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