YouTube TV introduces a better payment option for NFL Sunday Ticket

YouTube TV and Primetime Channels gain NFL Sunday Ticket.
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What you need to know

  • YouTube will begin rolling out a new monthly payment option for "most states" looking to purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • New features for the 2023 season will arrive soon, such as multiview options to stream local and Redzone games side-by-side.
  • Users will also find a live chat and poll feature throughout the 2023 season.

We're a month away from putting football (officially) back on the menu, and YouTube is beginning to tease a few features it's preparing for kickoff Sunday.

YouTube detailed several new features in a blog post, beginning with the upcoming availability of new monthly payment plans. The platform states, starting today, interested NFL Sunday Ticket consumers in "most states" will find a monthly payment plan option — a popular request among consumers.

This option will begin appearing on YouTube and YouTube TV over "the next week." Additionally, the service plans to roll out a student plan, as well, available "within the next week," too.

YouTube's support page lists the seven states excluded from the new monthly payment plan option.

YouTube TV's multiview options for the NFL Sunday Ticket.

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YouTube adds that, for the upcoming 2023 NFL season, users will find several multiview combinations every Sunday. Users can stream their local football games right beside their NFL Sunday Ticket games. Furthermore, Sunday Ticket and Redzone package members will find out-of-market and Redzone games to stream alongside others.

For YouTube TV subscribers without the Sunday Ticket, they can still experience its multiview to watch NFL and NCAA games this fall.

Improvements to the Sunday Ticket's multiview were discussed previously — in tandem with unlimited simultaneous streaming — and it's good to see they will arrive in time for the new season.

YouTube TV's live chat for the NFL Sunday Ticket.

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The post states users can interact with other people watching the same game via live chat and polls on their Android phones and TVs. YouTube then expressed its interest in integrating an NFL Shop alongside this viewing experience at some point in the future.

Key plays will be available for Sunday's games, giving users a chance to quickly watch the game's highlights before hopping into what's currently happening. Moreover, NFL highlights through YouTube Shorts will debut this upcoming season.

Users will find game highlights in real-time in their Short feed every Sunday. These Shorts will have a red "Live" ring around the avatar, and selecting it will transfer users over to the Live tab to find what game they'd like to watch.

It's worth remembering that the NFL Sunday Ticket will only offer games shown on FOX or CBS every Sunday afternoon for the duration of the 2023 season. Lastly, YouTube states it will continue "build and improve" its features through the season, which starts on September 10.

Base YouTube TV members can grab the Ticket for a one-time purchase of $349, with YouTube Primetime Channel members observing a $449 price tag.

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