YouTube TV grants users unlimited simultaneous NFL Sunday Ticket streams

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What you need to know

  • YouTube states NFL Sunday Ticket holders will gain unlimited streaming of games while at home for the 2023 season.
  • Users will also gain two additional streams when they're not home.
  • The NFL Sunday Ticket presale is still going on (ends June 6) so users can grab the base package or the bundle at $100 off.

YouTube TV is preparing for its debut of the NFL Sunday Ticket later this year for the start of the 2023 season. However, user feedback has pushed the company toward a welcome change. The streaming service tweeted an update to users this week which stated users will be able to stream games on the NFL Sunday Ticket unlimitedly on YouTube TV and YouTube when they're home.

If you're (unfortunately) not home to catch Sunday's game, the streaming service says users will have two additional streams to view their NFL Sunday Ticket content while on the go.

While both updates are good news for those interested in picking up the NFL content, Team YouTube got to tweeting about some new tweaks to features that are currently in the works. YouTube stated those grabbing the NFL Sunday Ticket will be able to enjoy features such as multiview alongside some additional DVR storage and NFL Fantasy League data. The company is now stating that it is "working on some improvements to multiview, but stay tuned for specific updates as the NFL season approaches."

Additionally, those interested in having a bit more agency with how they'd like to pay for their NFL Sunday Ticket content on YouTube may be in for some changes. Team YouTube also mentioned that while the service isn't offered on a monthly basis, the company is looking into more payment formats in the future.

For now, it's unclear if we'll see these changes roll through before the new season, though.

Last month, YouTube started running its early sign-up program for the NFL Sunday Ticket, available through YouTube Primetime Channels. The Sunday Ticket is available during this presale for $249, which is $100 off its true price of $349. There is also the bundle that pairs the NFL Sunday Ticket with NFL Redzone at its discounted price of $289. All of this NFL content allows football enjoyers to catch every local, out-of-market, and national Sunday game without a satellite subscription.

Users can catch games broadcasted by FOX and CBS only. This presale is still going on, but its cut-off date is June 6. So, consumers still have a week and some change to grab this early deal lest they feel like paying the full price for the 2023 season.

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