Early sign-ups for NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV kick off with $100 discounts

YouTube TV and Primetime Channels gain NFL Sunday Ticket.
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What you need to know

  • YouTube details several $100 discounts present for early NFL Sunday Ticket signups.
  • Base plan YouTube TV members can grab the pass for $249 or the bundle with NFL Redzone for $289 (a retail price of $349 and $389, respectively).
  • YouTube Primetime Channel users can grab the ticket for $349 or the bundle for $389 (a retail price of $449 and $489, respectively).
  • The signup should begin appearing in the coming days as it ends on June 6.

We're still five months away from the 2023 NFL season officially kicking off, but YouTube is piling on the excitement for football fans.

As detailed in an official YouTube blog post, fans can take advantage of the inaugural pricing made available for the NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV and YouTube Prime Channels. For YouTube TV base plan members, the NFL Sunday Ticket will be available as an add-on during this presale for $249, which represents a $100 discount from its true retail price of $349. There is also a bundle option which consists of the NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Redzone for $289, another $100 discount.

If you're looking to get your football fix without all the added fuss, the NFL Sunday Ticket is available through YouTube Prime Channels, meaning you can purchase it without a YouTube TV or satellite TV subscription. This presale sees the pass marked down to $349 for the presale ($449 retail price). The same Redzone bundle can be purchased here, with that knocked down a hundred bucks to $389 ($489 retail price) for this early sale.

YouTube's new Primetime channels.

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It's obviously not cheap, but YouTube TV and Primetime Channel users will receive every local, national, and out-of-market Sunday game without a satellite TV subscription (based on location) broadcasted on FOX or CBS, as stated during the partnership announcement. YouTube's NFL Sunday Ticket presale will end on June 6.

YouTube states the option to sign up should begin appearing throughout the week. As previously mentioned, YouTube TV members can add the ticket to their account as an add-on, but Primetime Channel users can head into the Movies & TV hub or to the NFL's channel to sign up.

Lastly, YouTube stated it's including its most recent feature, multiview, along with unlimited DVR storage, personalized recommendations, viewable key plays, NFL fantasy data, real-time stats, and a hide spoilers option for the 2023 football season. These features will seemingly be available for YouTube TV subscribers, which, along with the cheaper pricing, may tempt some to subscribe to the streaming service.

YouTube revealing its early signup promotional period comes nearly a month after the company revealed its price hike for base plan YouTube TV members. The tier went up $8 to $72.99 a month.

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