YouTube launches Primetime Channels, a hotspot for shows, movies, and sports

YouTube's new Primetime channels.
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What you need to know

  • YouTube launches Primetime Channels.
  • This new feature offers 30 channels for users to purchase and enjoy through YouTube, such as SHOWTIME and STARZ, with streaming services such as NBA League Pass.
  • Primetime Channels rolls out today in early access to the U.S. with users available to sign up through the Movies & TV Hub.

YouTube has long offered a way to purchase or rent content directly within the platform, but now it's expanding its offerings by bringing in other streaming services. The company announced on Tuesday that users will be able to sign up for its new Primetime Channels, which gives users access to more than 30 channels that are available for purchase to enjoy on YouTube.

This new feature will include SHOWTIME, STARZ, Paramount+, AMC+, ViX+, streaming services such as NBA League Pass, and more, all in one place. That means if you're subscribed to any of these services, you can easily go from watching a trailer for a new show to binge-watching it without leaving the YouTube app.

YouTube states that an early version of this new feature is rolling out today for U.S.-based users, and they can sign up via the Movies & TV Hub. Users will be able to manage and control all of their accounts through the platform, as well.

For those who have signed up for Primetime Channels, content from this new feature will be reflected in your overall YouTube experience. So as you're scrolling through YouTube, trying to find something to watch, you'll notice recommended shows and content from your Primetime Channels within the carousel, making it easy to jump in.

Users can also find the content they've purchased through YouTube's search results, which will blend with content from Primetime Channels. That means you can quickly go from watching a show or movie to viewing a review or reaction to the episode.

Additionally, the Primetime Channels homepage will present curated movie trailers, behind-the-scenes looks, and interviews.

Interviews for users through YouTube's Primetime Channels.

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Offering access to other streaming services isn't a novel idea. In fact, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV users have been able to access content from other streaming services on the respective platforms, acting as mini content hubs within the best streaming devices. By offering something similar, Google is ensuring users will have more of a reason to stay engaged on its platform.

As time goes on, the video streaming service will continue to refine Primetime Channels to "build new unique features" and to expand this new service to international users.

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