What color Pixel Watch should you buy?

Now that the Pixel Watch has made its debut, we've had the pleasure to see all of its color variants in their full glory. The trio of metallic hues is easy on the eyes, but only one can be the champion of your wrist. Here are all the shades of Google's new wearable for Android.

Meet the many colors of the Pixel Watch

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Not a single Pixel Watch color disappoints

Google's Pixel Watch has answered our demands for a top-notch Android smartwatch that fits women and individuals with smaller wrists without looking ridiculous and being a major letdown. Not only that, but the insides are robust, and the software looks promising so far.

Of course, Google didn't neglect the design aspect of the Pixel wearable one bit. The color scheme and materials used are tailored to work cohesively with the colors of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series of phones. If you can't choose a Pixel Watch colorway, the easiest trick in the book is to match your smartwatch to your smartphone.

Google Pixel Watch buttons

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For those of you who are still confused, I recommend the Matte Black hue of the Pixel Watch because it's bound to please the vast majority of people. Black never goes out of style for a good reason. However, I highly recommend looking at the Champagne Gold colorway if you're the sort who doesn't mind taking a chance with bolder colors and hues.

Remember, you should focus on the frame of the Pixel Watch rather than the band accompanying it. You can always change the watch band of your Google accessory, but the color of the frame is forever.

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