What color Pixel 8 should you buy?


The mint colorway of the Google Pixel 8

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1. All the colors of the Pixel 8
2. Settling on a single shade

The Google Pixel 8 has just been unveiled, and we're super excited. Despite the price hike, it looks like a spunky little thing that's surely going to be one of the best Android phones of the year. There are plenty of new features, and the design of the phone itself has been tweaked. We've also been introduced to a new pink color.

Google is offering the Pixel 8 in plenty of regions, so a lot more people are going to be able to purchase it in their regions. If you're one such lucky duck, congratulations! Have fun looking at all the colors of the Pixel 8 and trying to decide what color Pixel 8 should you buy.

All the colors of the Pixel 8

Settling on a single shade

The revamped Pixel 8, with its rounded edges and curvy body, looks like a fun little Android device that packs plenty of power. If you're sure you're going for this model, you need to choose one of the four available colors.

Mint is a new release, launched by Google very recently. If you want to get this lovely minty hue for your Pixel 8, you can only get it with 128GB of storage. Also, Google is selling this shade exclusively on the Google Store.

Both Obsidian and Hazel are colors we've seen on Pixel devices before. Those who seek something fresh and different can try for the new Rose hue instead. If you're not a fan of the blushing pink, the older Obsidian and Hazel colors are both great picks.

Pixel Watch or Pixel Watch 2 owners can have some fun with their Pixel 8, getting a matching color. Personally, I've always been a fan of the grayish-green Hazel option because it's soothing but not boring. Plus, I've got the last-gen Pixel Watch in the exact same finish. Happily, the Pixel Watch 2 comes in Champagne Gold with a Hazel band too, so it works out perfectly if you want to stay on theme with your Pixel 8.

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