What color Pixel 8 Pro should you buy?


All three Google Pixel 8 Pro colors

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1. All the colors of the Pixel 8 Pro
2. Settling on a single shade

Google just upped the ante with the premium Pixel 8 Pro. Not only does this flagship device have top-of-the-line cameras and a super powerful Tensor G3 chipset, but it even comes with a built-in thermometer! Anyone who's a fan of Pixels and pure Google devices is sure to want this phone.

Apart from the internals, we've got a new finish for the Pixel 8 Pro as well. Taking a leaf from the Pixel Fold's books, the Google Pixel 8 Pro comes in two new shades, one of which is blue and the other is beige. The classic Obsidian color is still available, too. Can't settle on what color Pixel 8 Pro should you buy? We're here to help!

All the colors of the Pixel 8 Pro

Settling on a single shade

So, you've set your sights on the Pixel 8 Pro. This ultra-premium flagship has a gorgeous display and state-of-the-art cameras. There's a lot to love about the Android phone, including its color options.

Google decided to follow the theme of the Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a for the Pixel 8 Pro, giving us the blue Bay variant seen in both older devices. This lovely baby blue is bright and perky, plus you can get Pixel Buds in a similar blue hue too. Blue is a crowd-pleasing color, so you can't really go wrong with this shade.

If you'd rather stick with more standard hues, there's always the beige Porcelain and the black Obsidian variants. Some might call them boring, but we call them safe choices. Black and white are colors that are hard to dislike or tire of, so if you don't like blue, both are good picks for your Pixel 8 Pro.

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