Amazon Prime Day officially wrapped up early this morning, and while the last day and a half saw a tremendous amount of deals, one of the best ones in the mobile space was easily the Essential Phone for just $250.

That ultra-low price on the Essential Phone didn't last long, but if you managed to pick one up in time, you got one of the best smartphone values of the year. The Essential Phone may not be perfect, but with the Snapdragon 835, a pure Android experience, and one of the best designs on the market, it was a steal at that price.

As you might expect, most of our forum users were all about a deal as good as that one was.


just bought one on impulse, seems people are happy with it now, hope I'm not sorry but didn't want to think too long and hard and lose out . . 🙄


Ordered a white one. This decision was WAY out of left field as the PH-1 was not on my radar. But that 250$ price added to all the updates and support this has got since it's much battered launch sold me. Essential is supporting it, and I love the material. The Mate 10 Pro lost a sale. It is on back order, so no idea when I will actually be getting it. A tad nervous, but willing to give it...


I jumped on this deal as well. Picked up a white one too. Got it today and am working to set it up. Lots of updates to download. Seems great so far. Love the screen and the materials. Great size as well.

Scienceguy Labs

I loved my EPs. Really good phones. I was almost tempted to grab another one, but resisted. I wonder what this sale says about the company's future?


Now, we want to hear from you — Did you pick up an Essential Phone during Prime Day?

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PS — If you managed to grab as Essential Phone for $250, you might as well get the 360 Essential Camera for under $30 (normally $100)

Essential Phone


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