Save $210 on the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Plus with this Cyber Monday deal

Galaxy Chromebook Plus
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Samsung's Galaxy Chromebook Plus refresh put it in a weird spot. It was a very good Chromebook and still is, but it paled in comparison to the original. To make up for it, it was a lot cheaper yet still a little pricey. All that changes now that you can pick up the Galaxy Chromebook Plus for just $289 at Amazon — a 42% discount.

There is a lot to like here. From the excellent 1080p display (with full touch support and an integrated stylus) to the dual camera system designed for video calls in both laptop and "tented" configurations, this is a premium Chromebook at a mid-range price thanks to this Cyber Monday sale.

Premium at a budget price

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Plus (V2):$499.99$289.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Plus (V2): $499.99 $289.99 at Amazon

The Galaxy Chromebook Plus has never been priced this low. It's a true premium Chromebook with a great display, an integrated pen, a water-resistant keyboard, and two cameras for video calling at any angle. In addition, it's built out of aluminum so it feels nice, too.

I used this Chromebook extensively when it first came out. I eventually sent it back to Samsung because they wouldn't stop asking for it back. That's unusual for me because I like to get review devices out of the house as fast as I can and go back to using what I love.

I didn't use it because it was the most powerful Chromebook I had here or because it was the newest. I used it because it was nice; using it was an all-around pleasant experience. Sure, you can spend less or buy something more powerful — see all the best Cyber Monday Chromebook deals to learn more — but at this price, the Galaxy Chromebook Plus is definitely a great Chromebook.

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