Best Wall Outlets with USB Ports in 2023

Wall outlets aren't exactly a modern design, but they can be made much more useful with USB ports built in. Replacing your old outlets is a good idea in general, especially if you live in an old house or have loose plug, so it's worth it to get some that are ready to charge your tech. For the best results, you want USB with Power Delivery support, though if you're not in a rush, you can get away with slower charging. You can even get a GFCI outlet to use in the kitchen or bathroom.

Never lose your charger again with USB outlets

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Never forget the brick with these USB outlets

With our phones and tablets becoming such a big part of our lives, having a full battery can offer a lot of peace of mind. That's why it's nice to have a charger or two in every room of the house. While you can get some of the best GaN chargers and keep them plugged in, their small size makes them easy to lose under a couch or behind a shelf. If you've got outlets with USB, all you need is one of the best USB cables to get connected.

The Amerisense 65W GaN outlet is one of the most interesting options with plenty of power for laptops and tablets thanks to supporting Power Delivery 3.0. That means you can get a full 65W of charging on a laptop using one port or 45W is you're also using the USB-A port. It also has plenty of power for game systems like Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck so you can keep gaming without putting on any battery saver modes.

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