Best Stands and Mounts for Google Home Mini Android Central 2022

The Google Home Mini is an impressive little puck that can play music, automate your home and tap into the search powers of Google for less than $50. At that price, it's not hard to buy a few to have them placed at different spots through your house. You could have the Home Minis placed on different tables or shelves, or you can go a step further and have the speakers mounted on your walls. If you want to start mounting, here's where to start.

Mount Genie Pedestal Render

Cleanest look: Mount Genie Pedestal

Staff pick

Forget all the extra wires when trying to mount your Home Mini. The Mount Genie Pedestal provides one of the cleanest looks possible with this mount that can be easily pointed in any direction. Plus, you still have easy access to the mute switch in case you don't want Google listening anymore.

$10 at Amazon
Wassers Alarm Clock Stand Render

A retro look: Wassers Retro Alarm Clock Stand

This stand gives you that retro alarm clock look. It also means your Home Mini stands vertically, with the speaker facing towards the room rather than up the way. It also means you can visibly see the lights at a glance. It's quick and easy to assemble and it also has a small hole in the top to feed the cable through.

$14 at Amazon
Mount Genie Built In Wall Mount Render

Clean design: Mount Genie Simple Built-in Mount

Installing this mount does require some handy work so if you're not shy about drilling holes into your wall and running cables through it, this has the cleanest design. You won't have easy access to the mute switch and controls, but you can place the mount anywhere in your house that you can run a Micro-USB cable to, so you can use your wall plugs for your other gadgets.

$15 at Amazon
WALI Wall Shelf Render

A little shelf: WALI Wall Outlet Shelf

This one isn't explicitly made for the Home Mini but it's a perfect little mount regardless. It's a wall plate replacement that includes a shelf, which can support anything up to 10 pounds. To power your device, simply feed the cables up the back of the shelf. There's no messing with any wiring, so apartment dwellers and homeowners alike can use this.

$8 at Amazon
KeyEntre Owl Station Render

Hoot hoot: KeyEntre Owl Statue Station

Do you want to put various Google Home Minis around your house without them sticking out like a sore thumb? Put it in an owl! The KeyEntre Owl Statue Station essentially hides your Home Mini while making it seem like owl is talking. And with the cutouts on the backside of the Station, you can easily access the power cable and mute switch.

$18 at Amazon
AMORTEK Outlet Holder Render

Just let it hang: AMORTEK Outlet Wall Mount Holder

The AMORTEK Outlet Holder is for those who want to keep the Home Mini close to an outlet without having a bunch of extra cable. The mount plugs directly into your existing socket, and allows you to hide the long cable that plugs into the Home Mini. Plus, you can have the Home Mini hang above or below the outlets, depending how much space you have.

$8 at Amazon
ELECOM Flower Pot Stand Render

Flower power: ELECOM Flower Pot Stand

Have your Home Mini blend into the background as a flower. The stem is flexible for you to position it how you want. There's a small hole in the top to feed the cable through, and you can also run the cable along the stem to keep things tidy.

$21 at Amazon
UGREEN Stand Render

Simple for simplicity's sake: UGREEN Stand Mount

If simplicity is the name of the game, then you can't go wrong with the UGREEN Stand Mount. This holder just sits on your table top, and lets you rest the Home Mini inside. The slight angle of the Stand Mount makes it so your Mini is projecting the sound into the room versus just pointing it at the ceiling.

$9 at Amazon
Dekodots Llama Speaker Stand Render

Show off your personality: Dekodots Llama Smart Speaker Stand

Dekodots released a line of table stands for the Home Mini, which perfectly hold the smart speaker while offering a bit more personality. These different designs range from a llama to a dragon and even a skull, if that's your kind of thing. The stand will raise your Home Mini off the table, and can be placed anywhere to add some extra flair to the room.

$20 at Amazon

Which one stands out?

For something quick and easy to install, the Mount Genie Pedestal is your best shot. This stand will prop up your Home Mini while still prividing access to the mute switch and power cables. Plus, the rubber bottom of the Home Mini will ensure that it stays in the Pedestal without accidentally falling out.

If you don't mind getting your hands a bit dirty and you're are confident in drilling holes into walls, then the Dot Genie Built-in Mount will give you the cleanest look out of all the mounts. You won't have wires sticking out since you'll find the cable through the wall. This is something you have to take into consideration when deciding where to place Home Mini, but the result will be aesthetically pleasing. The built-in wall placement is perfect if you use the broadcast feature on the Home Mini.

Now that you've got your Google Home Mini setup and put away, you can add to its usefulness by checking out some compatible smart home products.

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