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If you are converting your home into a smart home, and you want a more seamless and integrated solution, you might want to look into swapping out your smart plugs or your regular wall outlets with smart wall outlets. Not only can you control these smart wall outlets with your favorite voice assistant or home automation system, but many of them come with additional features. These include apps to create routines, or USB ports so that you can charge your myriad other devices. Here are the best smart wall outlets on the market right now.

Best Overall Smart Wall Outlet: TopGreener Smart Wi-Fi Wall Outlet Charger

Staff Pick

We like TopGreener as a company because it focuses a lot of its... energy... on eco-friendly power management, but it also makes quality smart home products. This smart wall outlet features two USB ports and can be controlled via the app, Amazon Alexa, or the Google Assistant.

$46 at Amazon

Best Premium Smart Wall Outlet: iDevices Wall Outlet

This smart wall outlet from iDevices works well with Amazon's Alexa, Google's Assistant, or Apple's Siri, as well as IFTTT. But it also has a neat trick up its sleeve; you can control the top and bottom outlets independently of one another!

Best Known Smart Wall Outlet: Kasa Smart Plub by TP-Link

Out of all of the devices on this list, chances are that Kasa/TP-Link was probably the first one you recognized. That's okay! This company is well-established in the smart home space, and this smart wall outlet is one of the top-rated ones on Amazon and other retailers.

Best Smart Wall Outlet for Novices: Geeni Smart WiFi 2 Outlet in-Wall Plug

The Geeni Smart Wifi wall outlet is one of the more basic options on this list, but that's a good thing. Not only is no hub required, installation is a snap for all but the most technologically inept.

Best Cheap Smart Wall Outlet with Multiple USBs: Lumary Smart Wi-Fi in-Wall Outlet

While other smart wall outlets with multiple USB ports like our top pick can be pricier, this option from Lumary comes in just under $25, so it's perfect for those watching their budget. Along with that low price, you get two USB ports and all of the interactive goodies associated with more expensive outlets.

$25 at Amazon

Best Smart Wall Outlet that Stands Out: Teckin Smart Wifi In-Wall Socket

Unlike many of the other smart wall outlets on this list, the Teckin is not flush but protrudes out a bit from its panel. That's an aesthetic choice that may or may not appeal to all, but what is great is that this outlet comes with a USB port, works with your favorite voice assistant, and has unique features like away mode.

$28 at Amazon

Green is good

Top Greener Wall Outlet Tu21558ac Official LifestyleSource: Topgreener

TopGreener products have a special place in our hearts because the company has made it part of its mission to develop products that take environmental considerations and energy management to heart. We have favorably featured several of the company's products in our reviews and smart plug roundups. It was only natural that one of its smart wall outlets graces the top of this list as well.

This smart wall outlet comes equipped with two USB-A ports and can be quickly installed. It does not require a hub to communicate with smart voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, which means you can easily create automations and routines from the Alexa or Google Home app, or the TopGreener app.

The best feature of this smart wall outlet is its built-in Smart Meter, which allows you to optimize energy efficiency and monitor energy usage from within the TopGreener app. What a great way to combine utility and efficiency!

Best Overall Smart Wall Outlet

TopGreener Smart Wi-Fi Wall Outlet Charger

This smart wall outlet from TopGreener combines the best in home automation with efficient energy monitoring and management.

Not just for Apple sheep

Idevices Wall Outlet Official LifestyleSource: iDevices

Android Central readers may not be as familiar with the iDevices brand or brush it off as an Apple-related product, but we can assure you that you should give this company a second look. Not only do its products work across iOS and Android, but they also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, in addition to Siri (of course).

What this brand does have in common with its Apple-inspired name is Apple-inspired pricing, but also Apple-inspired quality and features. iDevices products are generally very well-made and look great, and this smart wall outlet is no exception.

In addition to its intuitive app and voice assistant integrations, this smart outlet allows you to control the top and bottom outlets independently from one another. It has a pleasing purple light to indicate when it's in use. Oh, and it comes with an excellent two-year warranty as well!

Best Premium Smart Wall Outlet

iDevices Wall Outlet

This smart wall outlet has all of the features you'd want in a high-end smart home product, and it comes with a killer warranty.

A familiar face(plate)

Kasa Smart Plug Kp200 Official LifestyleSource: Kasa

Kasa by TP-Link is one of the most recognizable smart home products around. The company has been churning out quality smart plugs, lamps, and other devices for years now, and it has developed a loyal following thanks to its well-made and affordable products. It's only natural then that we included one of its smart wall outlets on this list.

Not only is this one of the most affordable options, but it's one of the most versatile. It works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and it allows you to control both plugs simultaneously, or individually.

This smart wall outlet has an away mode that can turn devices on and off randomly throughout the day to make it appear that someone is home. While not technically rated for outdoor use, it can be used in spaces like utility rooms and garages, with an operating temperature around 32-degrees to 104-degrees Fahrenheit and an operating humidity range of 10%-90%RH.

Best Known Smart Wall Outlet

Kasa Smart Plub by TP-Link

If you want to go with an affordable and established smart wall outlet, then you can't go wrong with this Kasa by TP-Link device.

Put on a happy face

Geeni Smart Wifi Outlet LifestyleSource: Amazon

When I hear think of a genie, I think of making a wish to make a complicated problem simple, and that is kind of what this Geeni smart wall outlet does for you. It is quite literally the perfect smart wall outlet for those new to smart home automation. Allow me to explain.

For starters, this outlet does not require a smart home hub, so that means that once installed, it can be controlled right away. Whether you use the app or control it with your voice through Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, you can get to using this outlet within 10 minutes!

While this device doesn't come equipped with any USB ports, it can do just about everything you'd expect from a smart device. You can set schedules, control it remotely, and create automations and routines. Oh, and best of all? The cute little smiley face on the bottom of the faceplate.

Best Smart Wall Outlet for Novices

Geeni Smart WiFi 2 Outlet in-Wall Plug

This little Geeni is here to grant your wish for a dead-simple smart wall outlet. Install in minutes and get to work!

Functionally affordable

Lumary Smart Wifi Outlet LifestyleSource: Amazon

Okay, stop me if you've heard this already. Your voice can control this smart wall outlet. This smart outlet has a great app. This smart outlet can be controlled from wherever you are.

Yeah, we know. All of the devices on this list share some or all of these features. But what makes this one from Lumary stand out? It includes two USB-A charging ports (like our top pick), but nearly half the price!

Where this smart wall outlet also stands out is that it features an in-wall tamper-resistant receptacle. This keeps it from getting overheat. There are also built-in safety shutters to prevent foreign objects from getting jammed into the outlets and short-circuiting them or shocking anyone. That makes this smart wall outlet a smart choice for families with young children.

Best Cheap Smart Wall Outlet with Multiple USBs

Lumary Smart Wi-Fi in-Wall Outlet

Lumary brings all the functionality you want at a price you can afford. It also features several significant built-in safety measures.

This outlet really stands out

Teckin Smart Wifi Outlet LifestyleSource: Amazon

Here at the bottom of the list of best smart wall outlets, you're not going to see anything new or ground-breaking. What you will see is a perfectly good, functional device that looks just a little distinct from the rest. First off, you'll notice that the area where the outlets are protrudes just a bit from the faceplate. You'll also see two arrows on the left side, which allow you to turn on one (or both plugs) manually. Pretty cool!

The Teckin smart wall outlet comes equipped with one USB-A port so that you can plug in your smartphone or other devices for charging without hogging plug space. The product works with Alexa and the Google Assistant, allows you to set schedules and routines, and has a smart away mode. Again, nothing new, but these are features you'll value in a smart wall outlet.

Best Smart Wall Outlet that Stands Out

Teckin Smart Wifi In-Wall Socket

Teckin gives you a USB charging port and manual outlet controls to go along with all of its smart bells and whistles.

Bottom line

When it comes to setting up a smart home, one of the best investments you can make is in smart plugs and smart wall outlets. These devices are minimally intrusive or invasive, and give you the power to control all kinds of gadgets, new and old, smart, and "dumb."

Our top choice for the best smart wall outlet is the TopGreener Smart WiFi Wall Outlet Charger. Not only is it smart in the sense that you can control it remotely, but you can also monitor and manage your energy consumption. Plus, it comes with two-built in USB ports.

If you're looking for something a little fancier, then I encourage you to take a look at the iDevices Wall Outlet. That device just looks smooth! And if safety is your number one concern, consider the Lumary Smart Wi-Fi in-Wall Outlet.

Whichever smart wall outlet you go with, you may want to consider hiring an electrician to install them for you. While this kind of work may be no problem for many of our readers, we don't want anyone taking chances when it comes to their homes and their safety!

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