Best smart home bathroom gadgets 2024

We all need some alone time in the bathroom every so often, so outfitting the bathroom with some handy tech to make the experience more comfortable is an excellent upgrade. As long as they don't have any cameras, that is. From voice-activated smart speakers that keep the tunes flowing when you don't have a free hand to tech that helps you and your kids wash properly, smart home tech has even made the bathroom a nicer place to spend some time.

Upgrade your bathroom experience with tech convenience

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Get a better bathroom experience with smart tech

While there's no "best" gadget here, as this list covers many different categories, one of my favorites is the Oral-B Pro 5000 Toothbrush. The fact that this can pair with an app on your phone to inform you of your brushing habits is amazing, especially for those looking to practice better dental hygiene. Plus, the fact that Amazon Dash Replenishment is built-in so that you will never run out of brush heads for as long as you own your toothbrush is pretty awesome.

No matter how tough you are, there's still something scary about a midnight trip to the bathroom in a dark house. The Eufy Lumi night lights are an excellent addition that can be stuck up almost anywhere. They're powered by three AA batteries so you don't need to find a plug and turn on automatically when motion is detected.

You bathroom can also benefit from a number of other smart home devices like one of the best smart speakers to take your voice commands so you don't need to handle your phone with wet or slippery hands. As we saw in our Withings Body Carido review, a smart scale like the above Eufy model can help you hit your fitness goals as well.

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