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Best Security Accessories for Students in 2022

When you send your kids off to school, it can be hard not worrying about them. Someone might stop them on their walk, or their bike might get stolen while they're in class. Arming them with the proper tools for protecting themselves and their property can give you peace of mind. We've gathered together the best security accessories for any student, whether they're in middle school, high school, or away at college. See which ones your student could use.

Safety first

Several products can help protect your child and their belongings while they're at school. To get the best security accessories for your student, you'll want to evaluate your child's daily routine and purchase security accessories that are best suited to it. If your child has a long walk in the mornings, you'll want something that they can protect themselves with. If they are carrying expensive instruments, computers, or art supplies to school each day it helps to have something to lock up their supplies or track them should they go missing.

Students always need backpacks to carry school supplies. These days that tends to include laptops and other expensive belongings. Because of this, we recommend this XDesign Anti-Theft Backpack. The design makes it harder to open than most backpacks, so thieves can't get to the dedicated laptop section as easily. It also happens to have a hidden pocket for storing electronics or other expensive gear.

If you're concerned about your student's safety, you should consider the Vigilant Personal Alarm. The small design makes it easy for your student to store either inside their bag or clipped to the exterior. At the press of a button, it sounds a loud alarm to frighten would-be attackers away. Best of all, it can only be turned off by pressing a hidden button. Should the battery run out, it can still be used as a whistle. If you're more concerned about your student's belongings getting stolen or going missing, you might want to invest in the Tile Sport. You can clip it to several school items whether that be a backpack, trumpet case, art portfolio, or bike. Should that item go missing, you can use the included app to locate it on a map.

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