When will my phone get Android 15?

Android 15 logo on Pixel 8 next to Pixel 7a and 7 Pro
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The Android 15 beta program is in full swing, with Google making the public beta build available. While the latest build is much more stable than earlier releases, it still isn't quite ready to be used on a daily driver just yet.

That will change with subsequent builds, and while the Android 15 beta program is limited to Pixels, third-party manufacturers should announce plans to offer the beta on their own devices by mid-May, which is when the beta will kick into high gear. If history is any indication, the stable build should be rolling out sometime in August.

Unlike the last two Android versions, Android 15 has plenty of interesting additions, including a notification cooldown mode, better optimization, ability to record parts of the screen, audio sharing over Bluetooth, and a slate of upgrades around foldables. So let's take a look at what phones will make the switch to Android 15, and when your device is likely to get the update.


Android 15 logo on Pixel 8

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Like previous years, the Android 15 update will hit Pixels ahead of every other device. The beta program is limited to the Pixel series, and if you have a Pixel 6 or above, you can install the Android 15 beta. Obviously, Pixels will get the stable build on the day of release, and this gives Google's phones a distinct advantage.

That said, not all Pixels will upgrade to Android 15, with only the devices released in the last three years eligible to receive the build. Here's the list of Google devices that will get Android 15:

  • Pixel 6
  • Pixel 6 Pro
  • Pixel 6a
  • Pixel 7
  • Pixel 7 Pro
  • Pixel 7a
  • Pixel 8
  • Pixel 8 Pro
  • Pixel Fold
  • Pixel Tablet

While these devices can install the beta right now, I'd advice against it; the build is usable, but it still has connectivity and camera bugs, and it isn't designed to be a daily driver. That may change with the second public beta, and I will update the post once that becomes available in the middle of May.


Galaxy S24 Ultra against other high-end Android phones

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Samsung continues to be the largest phone manufacturer, and it releases more devices than any other phone brand. Samsung doesn't usually join the beta program at the same time as other manufacturers, instead opting to wait until it can roll out the next iteration of One UI. As the brand uses the stable Android 15 release as the base, that means you'll need to wait at least until August to get your hands on the next version of Android on your Galaxy phone.

Samsung does a great job rolling out the stable update to its flagships in a timely manner, but its mid-range and budget phones don't get the same level of attention, so if you have a Galaxy A device, you'll likely need to wait until Q1 (or even Q2) 2025 to make the switch to Android 15.

These are the Samsung phones that should get the Android 15-based One UI 7 update:

Galaxy S series

  • Galaxy S21
  • Galaxy S21+
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Galaxy S21 FE
  • Galaxy S22
  • Galaxy S22+
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Galaxy S23
  • Galaxy S23+
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Galaxy S23 FE
  • Galaxy S24
  • Galaxy S24+
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra

Galaxy Z series

  • Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5
  • Galaxy Z Fold 5

Galaxy A series

  • Galaxy A14
  • Galaxy A15
  • Galaxy A23
  • Galaxy A24
  • Galaxy A25
  • Galaxy A33
  • Galaxy A34
  • Galaxy A35
  • Galaxy A53
  • Galaxy A54
  • Galaxy A55
  • Galaxy A73

Galaxy M series

  • Galaxy M14
  • Galaxy M15
  • Galaxy M33
  • Galaxy M34
  • Galaxy M53
  • Galaxy M54
  • Galaxy M55

Galaxy F series

  • Galaxy F14
  • Galaxy F15
  • Galaxy F34
  • Galaxy F54

Samsung tends to prioritize its current devices over others, so it is likely that the beta update will be limited to the Galaxy S24 series when it goes live. Select Galaxy A devices also got beta builds last year, and we'll have to wait and see if the Galaxy A55 joins the list this time around.

As always, the list is a tentative guideline based on Samsung's update guarantee; while all the devices mentioned above should receive Android 15, there's no telling if that will be the case until Samsung confirms it.


OnePlus 12 camera island next to OnePlus 11

(Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

OnePlus used to do a good job with updates, but it fumbled recent platform updates, leading to device-breaking bugs and lingering connectivity issues. And because the manufacturer uses ColorOS in all but name, it doesn't have much control over when it gets to roll out updates.

These OnePlus phones will be updated to Android 15:

  • OnePlus 10 Pro
  • OnePlus 10T
  • OnePlus 10R/10R 150W
  • OnePlus 11
  • OnePlus 11R
  • OnePlus 12
  • OnePlus 12R
  • OnePlus Open
  • OnePlus Nord 3
  • OnePlus Nord CE3
  • OnePlus Nord CE3 Lite

OnePlus continues to just roll out a single update to its Nord N series of devices sold in North America, so even though the Nord N30 launched last year, it won't be updated to Android 15.

Considering how bad OnePlus was at delivering timely updates, I'm not going to share any estimated timelines — this time, I'll wait until my devices get the stable Android 15 update before writing about it. OxygenOS 14 is in a decent state now, but that wasn't the case during the beta — or even the initial stable builds. So if you have a OnePlus phone, I'd suggest waiting and seeing if the stable update has any issues before installing it.


OPPO Find X7 Ultra review

(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

OPPO is doing a much better job with platform updates in general, and the Find N2 Flip picked up the stable Android 14 update before the end of 2023 — a sizeable achievement. With ColorOS 15 set to debut this year, it is likely we'll see a similar update cadence as last year.

OPPO guarantees four platform updates to its high-end phones, with its mid-range devices getting three updates. These are the OPPO phones that will get the Android 15-based ColorOS 15:

  • OPPO Find X5
  • OPPO Find X5 Pro
  • OPPO Find X6
  • OPPO Find X6 Pro
  • OPPO Find X7
  • OPPO Find X7 Ultra
  • OPPO Find N2
  • OPPO Find N3
  • OPPO Find N2 Flip
  • OPPO Find N3 Flip
  • OPPO Reno 9
  • OPPO Reno 9 Pro
  • OPPO Reno 9 Pro+
  • OPPO Reno 10
  • OPPO Reno 10 Pro
  • OPPO Reno 11
  • OPPO Reno 11 Pro
  • OPPO Reno 11F
  • OPPO F25 Pro


Vivo X100 Pro next to iQOO 12

(Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

Similar to OPPO, Vivo is delivering updates at a faster pace than previous years. And in Funtouch OS 14, the Chinese manufacturer has an interface that actually looks modern. Outside of that, Vivo continues to launch a lot of phones, with the V series getting a new model every six months.

As is the case with ColorOS, Vivo is unlikely to roll out an Android 15 build until Funtouch OS 15 is available. That said, these are the Vivo phones that will be updated to Android 15:

  • Vivo X80
  • Vivo X80 Pro
  • Vivo X90
  • Vivo X90 Pro
  • Vivo X90 Pro+
  • Vivo X90s
  • Vivo X100
  • Vivo X100 Pro
  • Vivo X Fold
  • Vivo X Fold+
  • Vivo X Fold 2
  • Vivo X Flip
  • Vivo V27
  • Vivo V27 Pro
  • Vivo V27e
  • Vivo V29
  • Vivo V29 Pro
  • Vivo V29e
  • Vivo V30
  • Vivo V30 Pro

As iQOO is basically a Vivo sub-brand, I'm including its devices in the same list:

  • iQOO 9 Pro
  • iQOO 10
  • iQOO 10 Pro
  • iQOO 10T
  • iQOO 11
  • iQOO 11 Pro
  • iQOO 12
  • iQOO Neo 7
  • iQOO Neo 7 Pro
  • iQOO Neo 8
  • iQOO Neo 8 Pro
  • iQOO Neo 9
  • iQOO Neo 9 Pro
  • iQOO Z7
  • iQOO Z7 Pro
  • iQOO Z7s
  • iQOO Z8x


Honor Magic 6 Pro review

(Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

Honor is making a lot of progress in global markets, and the brand's ability to deliver standout devices like the Magic V2 and Magic 6 Pro have allowed it to distinguish itself against its immediate rivals. While MagicOS 8.0 brings a lot of welcome additions, it still isn't quite as polished as other Chinese interfaces. Honor is instead leaning into AI, and it has a few unique features that are great to use.

Honor doesn't have a beta program as such, and the brand takes its time in rolling out stable updates to its devices. So if you have any of the phones listed below, you'll likely need to wait until Q1 2025 to get Android 15. With that out of the way, these are the Honor phones getting Android 15:

  • Honor Magic 5
  • Honor Magic 5 Pro
  • Honor Magic 5 Lite
  • Honor Magic 6
  • Honor Magic 6 Pro
  • Honor Magic 6 Pro RSR
  • Honor Magic Vs
  • Honor Magic V2
  • Honor Magic V2 RSR
  • Honor 90
  • Honor 90 Pro
  • Honor 90 Lite
  • Honor X50
  • Honor X50 Pro
  • Honor X50 GT


ASUS continues to be obstinate when it comes to platform updates, and the brand only guarantees two Android OS updates even though its devices have powerful hardware. This is the biggest drawback of the Zenfone 11 Ultra, an otherwise great device that is hobbled by a shortsighted update policy.

Therefore, there are only six ASUS devices that will make the switch to Android 15, and three of those phones launched in 2024: 

  • ROG Phone 8
  • ROG Phone 8 Pro
  • ROG Phone 7
  • ROG Phone 7 Ultimate
  • Zenfone 10
  • Zenfone 11 Ultra


Nothing Phone 2a review

(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

Nothing is a relatively small brand, but it is doing the right things when it comes to software updates. All of the three devices in its portfolio — including the budget Phone 2a — will get three platform updates, and while it isn't quick to roll out updates, the fact that it is delivering the same update guarantee to its budget phone is a big deal.

  • Nothing Phone 1
  • Nothing Phone 2
  • Nothing Phone 2a


Xiaomi 14 Ultra review

(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

Most major phone manufacturers do a great job rolling out timely updates, but that still isn't the case with Xiaomi. In the last three years, Xiaomi phones were the last to receive platform updates, and I don't see that changing in 2024. Like its Chinese rivals, Xiaomi now guarantees four platform updates to its high-end and select mid-range phones, but it doesn't make any promises as to when it will roll out those updates.

This is frustrating if you're using a phone like the Xiaomi 14 Ultra; the device has the best camera package available today, and while the software is fluid and has good customizability, I'm unwilling to bet on the phone picking up Android 15 before the end of the year. As for the update itself, the Xiaomi 12 series and above will switch to Android 15:

  • Xiaomi 12
  • Xiaomi 12 Pro
  • Xiaomi 12 Lite
  • Xiaomi 12S Ultra
  • Xiaomi 13
  • Xiaomi 13 Pro
  • Xiaomi 13 Ultra
  • Xiaomi 14
  • Xiaomi 14 Pro
  • Xiaomi 14 Ultra
  • Xiaomi Mix Fold 2
  • Xiaomi Mix Fold 3
  • Xiaomi 12T
  • Xiaomi 12T Pro
  • Xiaomi 13T
  • Xiaomi 13T Pro

Redmi devices make up an overwhelming majority of Xiaomi's sales, but the brand uses an underhanded tactic where it doesn't launch these devices with the current version of Android. It's this strategy that makes it so hard to recommend a recent Redmi device; the Redmi Note 12 series launched in Q1 2023 with Android 12 out of the box, six months after Android 13 became available. As such, these devices will not be updated to Android 15.

Similarly, the Redmi Note 13 series debuted with Android 13 in February 2024, and this measure is to ensure that the devices don't get updated beyond Android 15. Therefore, the actual list of Redmi devices getting to Android 15 is a tiny minority:

  • Redmi 12
  • Redmi Note 12 4G
  • Redmi Note 12R
  • Redmi Note 12T Pro
  • Redmi Note 13
  • Redmi Note 13 Pro
  • Redmi Note 13 Pro+
  • Redmi K70
  • Redmi K70 Pro
  • Redmi K70E

POCO is in a similar situation, and last year's X5 and X5 Pro won't get Android 15. These are the POCO devices that will get MIUI 15 based on Android 15:

  • POCO F5
  • POCO F5 Pro
  • POCO X6
  • POCO X6 Pro
  • POCO X6 Neo
  • POCO M6
  • POCO M6 Pro
  • POCO C65


The Moto G Power 5G 2024 backside

(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

Motorola changed its update policy, and the brand now rolls out three platform updates to most of its phones. Of course, that's limited to select mid-range and flagship devices, with its entry-level phones only getting one update. Also, when those updates show up is an altogether different matter — the brand isn't anywhere as fast as its rivals at rolling out version updates.

  • Motorola Edge 30 Ultra
  • Motorola Edge 40
  • Motorola Edge 40 Neo
  • Motorola Edge 40 Pro
  • Motorola Edge 50 Fusion
  • Motorola Edge 50 Pro
  • Motorola Edge 50 Ultra
  • Motorola Edge 2023
  • Motorola Edge+ 2023
  • Motorola Lenovo ThinkPhone
  • Motorola Edge 50 Pro
  • Motorola Razr 40
  • Motorola Razr 40 Ultra
  • Motorola Moto G54
  • Motorola Moto G73
  • Motorola Moto G84
  • Motorola Moto G Power 2024
  • Motorola Moto G 2024

When will my phone get the update?

Android 15 logo on Pixel 8

(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

As always, I'm closely monitoring the progress of Android 15, and will share any details as and when brands officially announce them. Based on previous years, Samsung is likely to kickstart its beta program a few weeks after Google rolls out the stable release, and other brands will follow suit. 

Before that though, most major Android vendors will offer a vanilla Android 15 beta build that serves as a good baseline to see all the changes Google has introduced this year. That build should go live around the end of May, when public beta 2 rolls out. 

And as for the stable builds, the best Android phones should switch over to Android 15 before the end of the year, but that's contingent on the latter betas being devoid of bugs. 

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