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Ring is one of the most well-known home security solutions providers and offers a massive variety of products to consider. That's why we've rounded up the best Ring products to help you fill out your smart home. Ring continues to make some of the best home security devices around. In recent months, the company has done a much better job of responding to and addressing the increased demand for additional data privacy controls and promises additional customer controls. With regular releases and new products coming to market all the time, our list of best Ring products can help you pick the best of the best.

See more than before

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 Hero

Source: Ring (Image credit: Source: Ring)

If someone were to stop you on the street and ask you to name a Ring product, chances are the first thing that came to mind would be some sort of video doorbell. That's the product category the company cut its teeth on, and even its name references what a doorbell does! The best Ring doorbells offer something for everyone, whether it's a fully solar-powered experience or a tiny doorbell that fits inside a door's peephole.

Our favorite Ring Video Doorbell this year is a tie between the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 — that's the most full-featured doorbell Ring offers — and the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, a $60 video doorbell that makes you wonder why you'd really need anything more. Unfortunately, both of these products need a hard-wired power source and should be paired with a Ring Protect Plan, as there's no local storage support at all. If you're looking for the best-of-the-best, though, it's hard to argue with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2.

Works inside or outside

Ring Stick Up Cam

Source: Ring (Image credit: Source: Ring)

Whether you plan to move soon or just want a camera flexible enough to move around your existing home, the Ring Stick Up Cam has you covered. Not only is it easy to set up for even the least-handy person (like me), but it works equally well both indoors and outdoors. It is available as a wired or battery-powered device, but you can also power it with Ring's solar attachment or get the accessories to switch between power modes as you wish.

The Stick Up cam has a decent field-of-view for an outdoor cam at 130 degrees, but that should more than suffice if you plan on using it indoors. It records in 1080p and has two-way audio, live video, and motion notifications. This is also one of the most affordable Ring cameras you can get!

Intruder illuminator

Ring Spotlight Cam Lifestyle

Source: Ring (Image credit: Source: Ring)

While we previously recommended the Spotlight Cam in this category, Ring's new Floodlight Cam Wired Pro makes an even better replacement. While it's not quite as portable as the Spotlight Cam since you have to wire it up to your home's power system, the results speak for themselves. The new radar-powered 3D Motion detection will turn those lights on with the slightest motion. That means you won't have to swing your arms around like a fool trying to get the light to turn on like older (dumb) floodlights.

The Floodlight Cam Wired Pro has a wider field-of-view than the Stick Up Cam (140 vs. 130 degrees), as well as two super bright LED bulbs, infrared lights, recording LEDs on the camera module, and a startlingly loud 110-decibel alarm to scare away an unwanted intruder. While it's much larger than the Spotlight Cam, that means that someone won't be mistaking it for anything other than a home security device.

This is the way

Ring Pathlight Official Lifestyle

Source: Ring (Image credit: Source: Ring)

Typically in a list like this, the winner for "best outdoor lights" would be some kind of imposing floodlight or fancy, color-changing party light, but I decided to go a little more low-key. I like the Ring Pathlights because they look like any other high-end landscape lighting solution, and they don't have any undertones or ambitions of being a surveillance or monitoring product.

You can purchase the Pathlights individually or in multipacks from retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, so you can start small and extend your lighting as your budget and designs permit. They are battery-powered and require a Ring Bridge to be controlled by Alexa and connected with your other Ring devices.

The right fit

Ring Smart Ledbulb Starterkit Lifestyle

Source: Ring (Image credit: Source: Ring)

Over the years, Ring has been improving its app so that all of its products work harmoniously together in a way that most other smart home companies could only dream of. These days, Ring even makes smart bulbs that replace your existing LED bulbs. Those bulbs can then be linked to other Ring products in your home, lighting up when one of your Ring cameras or lights spots motion, or just following an easily programmable routine from within the Ring app.

At $14 a piece, they're less expensive than most other bulbs on the market, especially big-name brands like Philips Hue. Just make sure you've got a Ring Bridge before buying a bunch of bulbs. Otherwise, these won't be able to connect to anything.

Home safe home

As much as I love the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus, if I had to pick a runner-up for the best Ring product, the Ring Alarm kit just might be it. I've been eyeballing getting a version of this setup for my home for the past few months, and I might just be ready to pull the trigger.

At just around $200 for a five-piece starter kit, Ring gives you all of the functionality of a more expensive alarm system, with hooks into Amazon's Alexa smart voice assistant. You can ask Alexa to arm or disarm your system, and with Ring Protect, you can have professional monitoring for as little as $10/month. This set is perfect for smaller homes up to 1,500 square feet, but you can always purchase additional components as you need to extend the protection to fit your space.

Best Ring products: Bottom line

Ring has really cleaned up its image significantly from the privacy scandals that haunted it throughout 2018 and 2019. These days, Ring offers a significant number of privacy and security features that lend some real peace of mind to any home powered by its products.

Since Ring makes such a wide variety of products, the best ones will be whatever fits your needs. If you need a good video doorbell, it's hard to argue with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 or Ring Video Doorbell Wired. These two products are at the opposite end of the pricing spectrum but offer the best experience in their respective classes.

If a standalone outdoor camera is more of what you're looking for, Ring Stick Up Cam can be put literally anywhere thanks to its battery-powered and waterproof nature. However, if you'd rather have some bright lights and a louder siren to scare intruders off, it's hard to argue with Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro. While it requires a hard-wired power source, the new 3D Motion detection is on all the time and can sense even the smallest movement thanks to its radar-powered nature.

Ring also offers a host of brilliantly designed lights that are worth mentioning. While we specifically picked out Ring A19 bulbs and Ring Pathlights in this article, don't miss out on Ring Wall Light Solar. This new 2021 product is completely solar-powered and mounts to any wall or deck, providing brilliant illumination powered by motion detection or manual control through the app. Since it's solar-powered, you'll never worry about the battery running out or wires getting in the way.

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