Best kitchen products with Amazon Alexa support 2022

Instant Pot Smart Wifi Lifestyle
Instant Pot Smart Wifi Lifestyle (Image credit: Instant Brands)

The last thing you want to do while your hands are dirty with food or wet from washing dishes is tap a button on your smart speaker. When entertaining, don't you find that so many parties congregate in the kitchen? Smart kitchen products are pretty standard nowadays, but most useful, in particular, are those you can control by voice. They help simplify things when you're multitasking and make for a super-cool kitchen that will be the envy of all your guests. If you set up voice assistant routines, you can even enjoy various things happening at once with different Alexa devices, like the kitchen lights turning on, music playing, and coffee brewing with a single command. Here are some of the best kitchen products with Alexa to make your life a little easier, some of which are actually the best Alexa devices, overall.

Smarten up your kitchen and free your hands with voice

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There are several reasons to use voice control in the kitchen, and these are some of the best kitchen products with Alexa that help you do just that. The first is for convenience, and when it comes to the ultimate kitchen small appliance in that respect, the Instant Pot tops my list every time. Aside from the convenience benefits of being able to cook food in a fraction of the time with little prep, the Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi model makes it super easy to get inspiration. You can ask Alexa for recipes or find out where you are in the cook cycle by asking for a status update.

When you're cooking, your hands are often dirty and grimy, and you don't want to transfer that to your mobile devices, light switches, and other items. For that reason, I love the idea of a smart speaker like the Sonos One that lets you control music playback, add items to your grocery list, answer calls from friends, and more without ever having to lift a finger. The Amazon Echo Show 10 makes this possible, with the added ability to show a recipe video on its screen. You can follow along as you move about the kitchen since the screen will always move with you - don't worry about missing a step and having to stop and rewind!

Finally, as someone who entertains a lot, I love the idea of simply saying, "Alexa, play party playlist in the kitchen" or "Alexa, turn on kitchen lights" to create the perfect atmosphere while I cook, wash dishes, or drink wine with friends. The Taloya Smart Ceiling Light is a cool way to control lights via voice and add some color to the kitchen.

When you think about it, you probably spend the most time at home in your kitchen, looking for snacks, making meals, cleaning up, and talking with the family. So it makes sense to add smart products to this room, and even more sense to use ones that can keep your hands free to tend to other tasks.

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