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AndaSeat Dark Demon Hero
AndaSeat Dark Demon Hero (Image credit: Android Central)

If you spend hours at a time playing the best PS5 games or even split your time working at your computer and gaming, you're going to want a seat that's comfortable and good for your neck and back. A gaming chair checks all those boxes, but the price tag and array of features can make trying to pick out the best one intimidating. We're making the decision easier with a guide to the best gaming chairs based on your budget and needs.

Andaseat Dark Demon Close

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Best overall: AndaSeat Dark Demon

AndaSeat Dark Demon gaming chair

Built to last

Excellent reclining range
Look doesn't scream gamer
Simple assembly
Firm back support
Detachable pillows don't line up well for shorter users
Chair is a bit heavy

If you're looking for a mix of functionality and comfort that you wouldn't be embarrassed to sit in if you were in a Zoom meeting with a non-gamer, the AndaSeat Dark Demon checks all the boxes. It's pretty simple to assemble solo, with easy-to-follow instructions for linking up the seat and wheels, and the highly mobile armrests already come preinstalled. The detachable head and lumbar support pillows also snap on easily with elastic cords so you can customize whether you're looking to be more alert at your desk or relaxed while playing a game.

The chair is sturdy, if a bit heavy, with firm back support and the ability to tilt a full 160 degrees if you're looking to doze or lean back and play a handheld game. The steel frame is covered by a lifetime warranty and doesn't squeak or creak at all when you're moving, whether repositioning or swiveling on the wheels. You can also slide the armrests forward and back to provide the best support for your wrists.

My one complaint is that the AndaSeat Dark Demon's extra cushions don't line up particularly well to my 5-foot-2-inch body, with the neck support, in particular, being far too high. The lumbar pillow can be arranged to meet my spine but feels a little too big for my narrow frame. However, my 6-foot-2-inch husband loves the neck support, mainly when the chair's slightly reclined.

Easy MX chair

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Best budget: EasySMX Memory Foam Chair with Footrest

EasySMX Memory Foam Chair with Footrest gaming chair

Put your feet up

Retractable footrest
Lower cost
Detachable headrest and lumbar pillows
Limited reclining capability
Lacks 4D armrest

Even if you can't afford to shell out the $300-$500 for most of the chairs on this list, you don't need to settle for a traditional office chair. The EasySMX memory foam chair offers a slightly stripped down version of most of the features you'd expect from a gaming chair with an affordable price tag.

The biggest selling point, besides the cost, is a retractable footrest that will give you some extra comfort during a long gaming session. Unfortunately, it doesn't recline as much as other chairs — maxing at 135 degrees — or that footrest would provide some real snoozing opportunities. It also lacks the 4D armrests found on the Dark Demon and other builds.

You can customize your experience with detachable lumbar and neck pillows, which can also be adjusted to your build. The EasySMX memory foam chair might not have all the bells and whistles, but it's a solid pick if you're looking for something you can sit in for long hours without putting too much stress on your neck and back.

Razer Iskur Lifestyle

Source: Razer (Image credit: Source: Razer)

Best premium: Razer Iskur

Razer Iskur gaming chair

Strong support

Excellent lumbar support
Pulley system makes it easy to adjust
Easy to assemble
High-quality materials
4D armrests
High price
Only three-year warranty included

If you're lucky enough to not be price-conscious, you won't regret investing in the Razer Iskur. While the lumbar support provided by detachable pillows on other gaming chairs is nice, Razer takes it to the next level by building in a lumbar pad with a pulley system. That lets you pop out the cushion up to 26 degrees without having to fiddle with any straps and worrying about them hiking up or sliding down.

The chair is easy for one person to assemble, and Razer even set up a tutorial video if you have issues flipping through the manual. All materials are high quality, from the memory foam pillow with Razer embroidered on it to the 4D armrests, which can be adjusted to support your elbows or wrists based on your posture.

This is the priciest chair on this guide, so it's obviously not for everyone. It also only comes with a three-year warranty which might be off-putting to some buyers giving the high cost. However, if you can afford to sit in such luxury, your body is sure to thank you.

Easysmx Big And Tall Hero

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Best heavy duty: EasySMX Big and Tall Gaming Chair

EasySMX Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Comfort for everyone

Weight limit of 350 pounds
Adjustable chair back
Removable headrest and lumbar pillows
Challenging one-person assembly
U-shaped headrest pillow can cover ears

Like the name implies, the EasySMX Big and Tall gaming chair is made with the comfort of larger players in mind. It's designed for weights of up to 350 pounds and eschews the traditional racecar seat design that can be restrictive on your sides and backseat. The chair's back is also adjustable to make it more comfortable for players with broad shoulders to settle in.

It comes in gray and red accents, depending on whether you're looking for something subtle or high-energy. The armrests are highly adjustable, and a removable lumbar pillow and headrest provide additional comfort. One issue is that the head pillow is U-shaped rather than the more standard bar and can pinch your ears when you lay back.

The chair is large and heavy, making it hard to assemble alone. But once you get it going, it's a great fit for players who won't be comfortable in a typical gaming chair meant to hug a smaller frame.

Klim Esports Gaming Chair Lifestyle

Source: KLIM (Image credit: Source: KLIM)

Best for easy assembly: KLIM eSports Gaming Chair

KLIM eSports Gaming Chair - Black

Sit back and relax

Can be put together in 20 minutes or less
Reclines 160 degrees
Can support up to 330 pounds
Lots of color options
Detachable neck and lumbar support
Fairly expensive

Some people just aren't handy with tools and find the prospect of having to put together furniture intimidating. That's OK! The KLIM eSports gaming chair takes most of the stress out of the equation by coming mostly assembled. All you need to do is attach a few pieces with bolts that are already in the appropriate holes. You can also watch a YouTube video guide to make it easier. The whole thing should take 20 minutes or less.

Once it's put together, you'll enjoy a high-quality product with a reinforced steel frame sturdy enough to hold people up to 330 pounds. It also reclines up to 160 degrees and has fully adjustable armrests that will help make it easier to reposition based on what you're playing. The removable cushions come in a variety of colors, from sleek white to flashy red, depending on your style, providing both a neck rest and a large lumbar support.

While it has a highly customizable elevation to support heights from 5 feet to 6 feet 6 inches, you might not get as much out of it on the extremes where it can leave your legs dangling or your shoulders feeling pinched. But for most, this is a solid pick that you can start enjoying almost as soon as you get it out of the box.

Bottom line

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Much like choosing the right console and controller for your needs, picking the best gaming chair will really improve your experience. They can be a big investment though, so you want to make sure you've considered all the options. A lot of chairs can cost a few hundred dollars, which isn't for everyone, but that doesn't mean there aren't cheaper chairs to consider if you're on a budget.

Just trying to succeed with the PS5 restocks is stressful enough, so once you've got your PS5 set up and you're having fun playing, you don't want to be straining your neck and back. Take care of yourself and invest in a solid chair.

While we stand by all the choices on this list, the best bet is the AndaSeat Dark Demon. It's easy to put together and can be customized with extra pillows, height, reclining range, and armrest to suit your needs regardless of what you're doing and how you like to sit. It's also got a slick style that looks professional if you don't want to fly your gamer flag all the time.

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