Best Chromebook Tablets Android Central 2020

Chrome OS is light, speedy, and it runs well on both low-end and high-end hardware, so you'd think that every manufacturer would have a Chrome OS tablet on the market right now, right? WRONG. Chrome OS is still something that is greatly-improved with a keyboard, and while touch-optimization has made leaps and bounds in recent years, we've only seen Chromebook tablets become a thing in the last year, so there's not much to choose between right now, but thankfully, there is a good option for a couple price points and screen sizes today.

Our pick: HP Chromebook X2

HP's Chromebook X2 is the first detachable Chromebook and remains our favorite Chromebook on the market today. Think of this as a powerful laptop that doubles as a great tablet, with great pressure-sensitive pen support and a lovely 12.3-inch display.

$599 from Best Buy

Big, beautiful brute: Google Pixel Slate

Google's first in-house Chrome OS tablet is an ambitious product that hasn't really hit the mark quite yet. With a drop-dead delectable screen and powerful internals, we know the Slate is capable of great things, but the software just hasn't been dialed in quite right yet.

$799 at Amazon

Education-oriented: Acer Chromebook Tab

The Chromebook Tab's smaller 9.7-inch screen is the perfect size for smaller hands and classrooms, allowing more interaction with learning materials. Acer's Chromebook Tab is great for both hands-on learners and parents seeking durable tablets.

$318 at Amazon

Value pick: CTL Chromebook Tab Tx1

CTL's Chromebook Tab is a lot like Acer's, inside and out, and it's geared towards the education sector by the experts — CTL stands for Compute, Teach, Learn, y'know. This model is available for pre-order right now for slightly lower prices than the Acer.

$299 at CTL

Again, Chromebook tablets are a fairly young segment that doesn't have many devices to choose from yet, but at least one of the Chromebook tablets we can choose from is the best Chromebook on the market right now: the solid, sturdy 2-in-1 HP Chromebook X2.

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