The Best Canadian Android Phones

Welcome to the best Canadian Android Phones as of Feb. 2, 2012. Or you can call them our favorite Android phones. Or the top Android phones. Really, call them whatever you want. Here's what you're getting: Our unabashed, unapologetic and unequivocal list of what we consider to be the best Android smartphones available on the three major Canadian carriers today.

Just like with our American list, you can't have this sort of thing without controversy. But considering that we're talking Canadian phones and Canadian readers, we also expect the discussion to be much more civil. 

The best phone on Rogers, Bell and TELUS

Verizon Galaxy Nexus

This one was a rather easy choice. Sure, there are plenty of other devices to choose from, but the Samsung Galaxy Nexus takes the cake. Really, you can stop reading this now. None of the other phones really matter at this point given it's a GSM Galaxy Nexus you'll have in your hands, and all three carriers sell it for the exact same $160, unlike the US where a GSM version is thus far -- non-existent.

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Honorable mention for Rogers - Samsung Galaxy S II LTE

Android Central

If the Samsung Galaxy Nexus isn't your thing, a great alternative for Rogers is the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE. With it, you're getting a full 4.5 -inch display, 8MP camera and 16GB of internal storage. Plus, a 1.5GHz processor and eventually, ICS to go along with it all. A nice little package indeed.

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Worth a look: Motorola RAZR, HTC Raider.

Honorable mention for Bell - HTC Raider

Android Central

The HTC Raider offers up a solid design and gives you that well-built feeling without sacrificing any speed. Its snappy dual-core processor and large display are a joy to use, and it's a great multi-media powerhouse. Did we mention LTE? It's certainly a plus if you live in a Bell LTE coverage area.

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Worth a look: Samsung Galaxy S II, LG Optimus 4G LTE

Honorable mention for TELUS - 4G Samsung Galaxy S II X

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

Seemingly following in Sprint's footsteps in a race for the longest device name ever, TELUS has dubbed their Samsung Galaxy S II the 4G Samsung Galaxy S II X. We won't question why, aside from the Galaxy Nexus, it's the best phone in their line up right now.

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Worth a look: HTC Amaze 4G. Coming soon: Samsung Galaxy Note