Best Amazon Echo Spot Stands Android Central 2021

Buying one of the best Echo Spot Stands can really help enhance your use of the device. Amazon's Echo Spot is the original compact Alexa display that allows you to stream Amazon Prime shows, listen to music, order items, check the news, and more. Since the speakers are on the bottom of the device, it's best to use a stand if you want decent audio. Some stands also make it so you can adjust the screen up and down or make it swivel for a better viewing experience. See which one works for you.

Little astronaut: BMK Echo Spot Stand

Staff pick

In addition to a 360-degree swiveling stand, the adorable astronaut body raises the screen higher into the air so you don't have to bend down as far to view it. You can also angle the screen up or down for a better viewing experience.

$32 at Amazon

Wall buddy: HumanCentric Wall Mount

Looking to save some counterspace and bring the screen closer to your face? Why not mount it on a wall somewhere. HumanCentric's wall mount allows you to rotate the device horizontally and vertically so you can angle the Echo Spot just right.

$22 at Amazon

Best value: BLUERIN Echo Spot Stand

In addition to swiveling around 360 degrees, you can also adjust the screen up and down. The base features rubber pads to keep your expensive Echo Spot from slipping off a counter or end table to its doom. It comes in black and white.

$15 at Amazon

Long neck: VinSa 360 Degree Rotation Stand

This is one of the only stands that allows you to adjust the screen up and down as well as make it swivel 360 degrees. But that's not all: Extend the base for a better viewing experience if necessary or keep the Echo Spot nestled in the base if not. It comes in black or white to match your Echo Spot.

$23 at Amazon

Official stand: Amazon Echo Spot Adjustable Stand

This is the official stand Amazon created specifically for its Echo Spot. It doesn't swivel to either side like other stands on this list. However, by raising the speakers off of a surface it increases sound quality. If you're the kind of person that only likes to purchase official gear, this is the stand for you.

$20 at Amazon

Classy support: Wero Aluminum Swivel Stand

The design of this metal stand matches the look of your Echo Spot beautifully and allows the device to swivel 360 degrees to face any section of a room. The non-skid bottom prevents the device from moving around too much as you adjust the screen to face in different directions. Get it in silver or black.

$23 at Amazon

Stand out

It's unclear whether or not the Echo Spot will be phased out now that Amazon has announced its new compact Echo Show 5 display. This new device could account for the fact that many Echo Spot stands are no longer available or have limited quantities remaining. Either way, when choosing a stand, you'll want to consider the price you want to pay, how durable the stand is, and what features it brings to the table. You'll preferably want something that rotates 360 degrees or even allows you to adjust the screen up and down.

Our personal preference is the Lanmu Stand since the base rotates 360 degrees and your purchase includes a screen protector that features a camera cover. You'll appreciate the ability to slide a cover over the lens, especially if your device happens to be in your bedroom.

For those who want to use the Echo Spot mainly as a speaker, you'll want to check out the Vault Portable Speaker Dock and Battery. It greatly increases the sound and lasts up to eight hours before needing to be plugged back in.

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