More and more devices work with Amazon Alexa these days. In fact, if it's got a microphone and a speaker, it's surprising to not find support for Amazon's voice assistant. The Amazon Echo Dot is the most popular Alexa controller out there, of course, but there are countless others as well. Once you've got an Alexa device, you'll want something to control, are there are plenty of categories from thermostats to cameras to other speakers.

The lights of your life: Philips Hue White starter kit

Smart lights are possibly the easiest entry point into connected tech. The idea is that you'll have lights you can control from anywhere, as well as a hands-free way to set the scene for any occasion. The most popular brand is Philips Hue, and there are plenty of bundle deals to get you set up quick and easy.

$70 at Amazon

Remote temperature control: Nest Learning Thermostat

Being able to control your HVAC with your voice is one of those things that you won't appreciate until you can do it, and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. It's hard to beat Nest's Learning Thermostat, which observes your behavior and automatically creates heating and cooling schedules for you. It makes it ridiculously easy to control the comfort of your home, and it helps cut down on your electric bill, too.

$205 at Amazon

Always watching: Ring Floodlight Cam

If you've got an Amazon Echo Show, Spot, or an Amazon Fire TV, you can keep tabs on all your stuff with a smart camera like the Ring Doorbell Pro. Just tell Alexa to show it, and you'll get a live feed on your display. You can watch your front yard from your living room or your backyard from your bedroom. Best of all, the Floodlight Cam will shine bright lights down when it detects motion, scaring away intruders.

$249 at Amazon

A plug for your plug: Amazon Smart Plug

Smart lights are great, but sometimes you just want to control something that's plugged in — say, a set of string lights or Christmas decorations. The Amazon Smart Plug is great for that. It's a plug for your plug, which then hooks into your Wi-Fi and ties into an Alexa Skill. After that, it's just a matter of setting a timer or using your voice to turn things on and off.

$25 at Amazon

A speaker for every room: Amazon Echo Plus 2

Here's the thing about the Amazon Echo — it can connect with other Echoes for multi-room music. That means the same thing will be playing on all your speakers, and all you have to do is use Alexa to tell Alexa to have Alexa play a thing. Yeah, it's a bit of Alexa inception, but it's also way cool.

$150 at Amazon

Complete peace of mind: Ring Alarm

If you've ever experienced a break-in, you know how invasive it feels and will do whatever it takes to prevent it from happening again. Thankfully, that doesn't have to take a ton of effort — Ring's Alarm home security system keeps you safe with a loud siren, window sensors, and keypads, and all you have to do to arm it is ask Alexa.

$199 at Amazon

The sky's the limit with Alexa-compatible devices, and the options we gave you are just the beginning. Smart lights are certainly one of the easiest (and cheapest) smart devices to use, but thermostats, security cameras, smart plugs, speakers, and home security all go a long way to making your life more convenient. Shop around for whatever best fits your needs — just make sure you have an Alexa-capable speaker like the Echo Plus 2 first!

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