Black Friday App for Android

If the Christmas music on the radio station didn't tip you off, the busiest shopping season is just around the corner.  In nine days parents across the country will be lining up outside of their favorite big box retailers, hoping to get their big ticket gifts out of the way at amazing prices.

Sure, you can root through print ads, cutting out items you want and taping them to your master shopping list, but wouldn't it be easier if you could view deals and compile your list directly on your Android cellphone?

BusinessWire posted an article about a new Black Friday app for Android and iOS devices by the popular deal website  It promises to simplify your Black Friday shopping by letting you browse Black Friday deals from your handset and add them to a master list for when you head out before the crack of dawn on the 26th.

 Hit the read more link to find out more about this holiday app, and for links to download it to your shopping companion. [Via BusinessWire,] Android App Store listThe app gives you three ways to search  their database.  You can search by Store, Category, and Keyword.  The splash screen is by store, and from playing around with the app, it seems like this is the browsing method they spent the most time on.  

Search by category and you'll get hundreds of hits with no way to filter them (unless you limit the search to a single store). Searching by keyword borders on useless as well, at least for tech.  If you search of "Android,"  you'll get 5 tablet results, but absolutely nothing about phones, or any of the Best Buy deals we posted about earlier.  There are more ads now than when  I installed it, so hopefully this will change as more deals are added to their system.

Once you choose how you'll search, you'll see a list similar to the one on the left.  Click on an item and you're given a breakdown of how much the item will cost, if it's available online or just through stores, and if it's a limited quantity item, like this.

You're also presented with the option to view the ad listing the price online, or to save it.  If you save it, that item will appear in your shopping cart. black friday app Shopping list

The shopping cart is the coolest part about the app. You're given a countdown, as well as a listing of all the items you want to get, as well as the stores those items are found at.

Items appear on your list under the stores they're available at.  Stores are ordered by the opening and closing times of their sale, which is a nice touch.  This way, you can plan out your morning to try and hit every store before the sales end.

The lackluster filtering and keyword options are disappointing.  Hopefully as more Black Friday deals are known, both of these features will improve.  If you're planning on waking up early on Black Friday, this application is available for free from the marketplace.

 Are there any deals you're particularly interested in?


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