Amazon sells a huge number of inexpensive versions of the tech you need. For Amazon Prime Day, Hundreds of AmazonBasics items have been discounted by 30% or more. These are our picks for super cheap tech accessories you can add to your arsenal.

Straighten up: AmazonBasics Computer Monitor Riser Stand

Staff favorite

Raise the height of your computer monitor without needing to buy an entirely new desk. On Amazon Prime Day, you'll save even more.

From $17.10 at Amazon

Carry in the car: AmazonBasics Lightning Car Charger

There's nothing more annoying than forgetting your charging cable when you head out. Grab one of these super cheap cables for the car and you'll never worry about forgetting one again.

From $13.99 at Amazon

Future/past proof: AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB-A Charger Cable

As you upgrade your laptops, tablets, and smartphones with USB-C connectors, you're still going to need some USB-A love because the future isn't quite here yet and a lot of your peripherals still use USB-A. This cable will allow you to connect your computer to a monitor, tablet to a hard drive, and a lot more.

From $9.49 at Amazon

Extra Plugs: 3-Outlet Surge Protector with 2 USB Ports

If your office is always short on plug space, these surge protected multi-outlet plugs are going to make you so happy. The two USB-A ports mean you don't have to use up precious outlets to charge your devices.

From $29.59 at Amazon

Lightning support: AmazonBasics Lightning to USB A Cable

Keep a couple of Lightning charging cables on hand for friends, family, and emergencies. On Amazon Prime Day, you can afford to stock up!

From $11.98 at Amazon

Laptop carryall: AmazonBasics Urban Laptop Backpack

If you ever leave your house with your laptop, you realize how important it is to have a carrying case for it. This laptop bag holds your electronics in a padded pocket, plus all your books, papers, and more.

From $22.53 at Amazon

Rugged USB-C cable: AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon USB Type-C to MicroUSB Cable

As you start to build out your USB-C devices, you'll quickly realize that there are still a lot of accessories that need a MicroUSB connection. This nylon braided cable charges your gadgets and lasts a long time, too.

From $9.73 at Amazon

Car multi-adapter: AmazonBasics USB-C Car Charger

When you and your friends are hitting the road, you're all going to want to charge up your devices at the same time. This multi-port car charger will charge three phones and a USB-C tablet at the same time.

From $13.71 at Amazon

TV as a monitor: AmazonBasics DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

Plug your computer into your TV set for a truely big-screen experience. With this 10-pack, you can give them away at your next office party.

From $86.53 at Amazon

Charge all for one: AmazonBasics 60W 6-Port Multi USB Wall Charger

With this 60-watt charging hub, you can juice up your tablets, phones, headphones, watches, and some laptops. Free up your wall outlets by putting all your USB-A ports in one socket.

From $24.99 at Amazon

Sleek travel: AmazonBasics Urban Laptop and Tablet Case Bag

If you don't need to pack much when you head out with your laptop, this shoulder bag is perfect for carrying your laptop and its important power connectors.

From $22.71 at Amazon

Stand and deliver: AmazonBasics Ergonomic Standing Desk Work Station for Dual Monitor

Mounted standing desks don't have to be limited. With this work station, you can mount two monitors and adjusts the size to your needs and specifications.

From $349.99 at Amazon

These AmazonBasics Prime Day discounts won't last long. Don't wait until the end of the sale to grab one of these great accessories for your tech.

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