Grocery delivery is a trend that's on its way up. There are a lot of ways to get it with sites like Instacart being the most popular right now. However, it can also be pretty expensive. Amazon tried to do it with Amazon Fresh but charged $15 a month for deliveries from Whole Foods. That's on top of the hundreds you spend on groceries and the $119 you spend on Prime. Well, now you can just consider it another benefit of Prime because Amazon Fresh grocery delivery is free to all Prime members.

Benefits Just Keep Coming

Amazon Fresh grocery delivery

The Fresh service used to be an extra $15 a month on top of Prime's $13 a month. Now it's included in the price. That's huge if you prefer to have your groceries delivered.

Free with Prime

Let's start with the obvious: you need to be a Prime member. If you do not have Amazon Prime yet, sign up for a free trial. You can try out the Fresh service that way and see if it works for you. Grocery shopping is not a lot of fun usually, so being able to skip the hour you'd spend wondering around that giant Whole Foods down the street should definitely be worth it. On top of that you get all the other Prime benefits, like access to Prime Video, the free delivery (even one-day delivery), and more.

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Speaking of Whole Foods - you need one nearby. Amazon Fresh isn't available everywhere. Enter your zip code at this site to see if you are eligible. The service is available in around 2,000 cities, though, so your odds are pretty good.

The service is also getting faster, by the way, with delivery times between one and two hours. That's super fast. We use Instacart because Fresh isn't available for us and sometimes it takes longer than that with a grocery store less than two miles away.

If you've never used grocery delivery because of the added cost, today is the day to start. If you're shopping for a family, you're going to love eliminating the process of going to the store.

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