MagSafe comes to Android for just $14 on Cyber Monday

Using the Spigen O-Mag Ring phone webcam mount with a Motorola Edge Plus (2023)
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Next year might finally be the year when flagship Android phones have MagSafe built-in but, until then, we either have to use a special case or add our own ring. Thankfully, my favorite MagSafe ring for Android is only $16 until the end of the day!

Adding one of these Spigen MagSafe rings to your phone or favorite case makes it possible to use any MagSafe accessory. Yes, even those wireless charging ones that make it simple to dock into a magnetic wireless charger!

Spigen MagFit ring: $29.99$16.99 at Amazon

Spigen MagFit ring: $29.99 $16.99 at Amazon

If you really love your phone, put a ring on it! Spigen's MagFit ring adheres to the back of your phone or favorite case and adds MagSafe functionality to any phone. It's easy and cheap as can be on Cyber Monday!

Spigen's MagFit ring comes with a great installation guide that helps you perfectly line up the ring to your phone's wireless charging coil, but I'd advise not trusting the alignment for the camera cutout on some phones. I've used these rings on a lot of phones and while most fit with the guide, some are different.

The Pixel 8 Pro's wireless charging coil, for instance, sits lower on the phone's back than the Spigen installation guide suggests. I'd recommend grabbing a wireless charger and finding the sweet spot yourself, then use the MagFit guide plate to ensure it's centered on the phone.

Make sure you get it right because the 3M adhesive used here doesn't come off easily at all, and it's really not adjustable once it's been installed.

CaseBorne Slim series for Pixel 8 Pro: $21.98$14.00 at Amazon

CaseBorne Slim series for Pixel 8 Pro: $21.98 $14.00 at Amazon

Forget having to line up the MagSafe ring. Grab one of these excellent transparent CaseBorne cases, instead, and get MagSafe plus a tempered glass protector in addition to a protective case for 36% off. It's a win-win-win-win!

But, if you don't want to have to deal with lining things up, CaseBorne makes our favorite transparent cases with MagSafe built-in, and they're all on sale for Cyber Monday!

CaseBorne also makes a more rugged case for the Pixel 8 Pro with MagSafe built-in that's on sale for 45% off right now for Cyber Monday.

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