There's an update to the Youtube app waiting for you in the Google Play store, and if you're using a 10-inch tablet (like the Nexus 10), you're in for a treat. The update adds a new layout for large screen devices that brings a great two-pane experience to everyone's favorite video service.

The update uses the concept of Android fragments, where both can act independently yet have influence over each other. The smaller fragment on the left allows for things like app navigation and selection, and your content appears to the right. It's a great way to build apps for large screen devices, and allows one app to have the best UI and layout for any size screen.

Hit the link above for the update, or just check your Google Play notifications.

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Youtube app updated with new 10-inch tablet layout


I actually really liked the old front page. The other pages needed an update, but I wish they hadn't taken the carousel away.

Updated and now I can't sign in to my Youtube/Google account. Just says "An error has occurred." This is on the Nexus 10. Hopefully this gets fixed. Already tried to clear data in Apps and rebooting, but didn't work. Hmmm.

This is a horrible update. Number one there isn't a uploads section for my subscriptions. I now have to endlessly scroll to get a day worth of videos to watch. Then they took away the browse tab. How am I supposed to discover new channels. How can I get the old one back.

Touch the Menu button on the upper-right corner and select Settings. There should be an item named "Channel Feed Contents" (or something close) where you can choose All Activity or the more desired Uploads Only.

I went back to the old I/F. This update does not provide me with more usability, in fact I really liked the carousel and this is a big step back.
Thanks for nothing.

this new version of YouTube is Optimus great text are clear thumbnail are clear but I love the old version can somebody please tell me how to download the old version back please

Much preferred the old version with the Carousel and where is full screen?

Going back to the old version.

I want the old version!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THE OLD VERSION!!!!!!!! THE NEW VERSION SO SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!!!.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you unable to find fullscreen you might be on Asus Transformers?

I've noticed with the new app when you have the keyboard docked on you lose the fullscreen option.

Take the keyboard off and back it appears!

I'd leave that comment on the app review, but it now appears you have to join Google+ to do it (so not doing that!)

Just to let people know I am using a Samsung 10.1 Tab and in the keyboard dock no option to go full screen. Off the dock it is fine.

Why is it implemented this way?

The update also affects 7.7" tablets, at least I have a Galaxy Tab 7.7 and got the update.
Don't know why blogs are posting this as only affecting 10" tablets.

The changelist on the Play Store lists the new UI for 10-inch tablets and "bug fixes" for other devices.

I like the new design. But I hate it when I watch a video on fullscreen, I hit the back button, and it goes back to videos selection (it should just quit fullscreen in the old version), which is very annoying to me because I get used to it and now I have to hit the screen and hit the zoom-out button