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Following Sprint and Verizon's Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 updates last week, today it's the turn of the US Cellular model to get the updated version of the OS. The update to firmware version R970VXUAMJA is rolling out to USC-branded devices starting today, bringing Galaxy Gear smartwatch support and Samsung's KNOX enterprise security suite alongside the newer OS version. Samsung's changelog also lists updates to various bundled apps too, including Mobile TV, Slacker Radio and Amazon Shopping.

If the recently-leaked update timetable continues to prove accurate, we're looking at 4.3 updates for AT&T and T-Mobile's Galaxy S4s following around Nov. 13 and 18 respectively.

Source: Samsung; Thanks, Luke!


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US Cellular Galaxy S4 getting Android 4.3 update today


Less bloatware is my guess. USCC doesn't have much in the way of bloat on their devices compared to the bigger carriers...which is fine by me...less I have to uninstall once I root. Samsung and USCC have made quite the relationship together as of late.

Good for them....but...I am still waiting on my Sprint GS4 update. Hopefully by Christmas.

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You need to go to your apps and go to the all tab. Find the app called Google Services Framework. Clear the data and Force close. Then go back to update phone and get the update.

You mean in the play store? I went in there in the all tab and didn't see the Google services framework. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help

Not the play store. Go to settings then to application manager, scroll to the right to all, scroll down till u find Google services framework, tap it, tap clear data, tap force close, tap back button till u get back to settings menu, scroll all the way down to about device, tap it, then tap software update. If u can't work a phone as fabulous as the gs4, send it to me n get an iPhone.

I love how the AC staff references the leaked timetable but makes no mention of the inaccuracies with the spirit gs3 release date. November 6th has come and went with no update. GS4 owners enjoy your update, 6 months from now when Samsung is prepping the s5 launch no on will care about the s4.

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I am happy that Samsung is updating the S4. I run CM 10.2 on my S2 so that it gets updated. If you want the latest updates quick, quit complaining and buy a nexus device.

1st of all Smh @ AT&T...2nd updating to an already outdated version is somewhat annoying.

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Has there been any mention of when metro pcs Samsung Galaxy S3 will be getting this update? I'm sure metro has the most bolt ware so most likely at the bottom of the list?

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no update for me yet, Sprint GS4. I clear data, and clear cache and force close and force close. couple hundred times now. Even says "Last checked for update on 12/31/1969" Screw the update damn it Sprint