Tumblr for Android

Although Tumblr has had an Android app for what seems to be forever now they've never managed to offer up tablet optimized version for their users to make use of. Instead, folks were stuck using the phone app and while that wasn't all that bad, they've now finally gone ahead and released a tablet version. That's the big news but included with this release you'll also find some design updates as well as a new follow screen. You can grab the update from the Google Play store right now.

Source: Tumblr


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Tumblr for Android updated with tablet support


I'm happy there's finally a tablet native Tumblr app. However, it's a little frustrating that it forces you to use portrait mode though.

It was showing incompatible before this update. I don't see much change in this one vs previous one.

I prefer the Kindle Fire HD. The interface is amazing and it's very easy to use. It's a great combination of functional and simple. Check out its Amazon page(http://bit.ly/S1CzWe) if you want to compare what they bring to the table.