Nexys 7 contest

We're now at Day 3 of our weeklong Nexus 7 (and $25 Google Play Gift Card) contest, courtesy of the fine folks at Google. And today we're looking for the best Android-related limerick you can come up with. Why a limerick? We can't stand haiku, that's why. Just one of those things.

So hop on into today's forum thread and get a little silly. And good luck!


Reader comments

There once was a free Nexus 7 ...


LOL Id patent that jingle.. LMAO You could replace what the fuck with TIM COOK SUCKS to make it non x rated.. :O)

There once was a Nexus named Seven
That rose to the highest of heavens
In a land far away
He met an Android one day
Now, devices "go to eleven"

There was once a fruit of Apple
Who’s old friend was not so nice
“Stop stealing all my friends” he babbled
But the Google could not hear him protest
As it was too busy making technology progress

From mountian view there came a nexus
Seven inches it was to impress us
Larry Page said with a smirk
As he yanked up his shirt
Stand aside boys, I've got 10.1 are you jealous?

There once was a psychiatrist names Freud,
Who dissed tablets that came with Android,
But his iPad did freeze,
Every time he did sneeze,
And now he's a little annoyed.

And yes, I know its a horrible Limerick.

There once was a tablet called NEXUS
It's popularity was bigger than Texas
It let you work, read and play
keep your kids happy all day
I really could use one for Christmas!

there once was a nexus 7.
That sent the ipad to heaven.
the ipad got lost , Google maps has just bossed,
That shit ipad in the right direction

(google maps pointing apple in the right direction)

I do i do see a free Nexus Seven
with it perhaps i will watch 7th heaven
yeah the show is old school
but i already know i'm a tool
so don't be jewish just because I leave my bread to leaven

Apple might be nice
But grab google youll think twice
Or else youll be waiting next in line
For the same old crap you already bought thrice!

If I was interested in more competition for this Nexus, I might tell you people that you are not actually entering the contest by posting here ....

A Nexus 7 would make me so happy,
stock Android is so quick and snappy.
Tweaking Android is my own piece of heaven,
that's why I need a new Nexus 7:-)

Nexus big and nexus small
Android's profile grows so tall
And wide world 'round
The joyous sound
May mobile be open for all

Android is so delightful.
Everything else is frightful.
Quick and clean
Like Jelly Bean.
My limerick is so insightful.

All I want for Christmas is a Nexus 7
...I will add it to my collection
of Android devices.
Yes, that's right, it will make number eleven!

Dear Android Central Contest,

My limerick is the best,
I wrote this in concert
for the best tablet on earth
So hand over my tablet called Nexus.

I saw a LOT of the word "Texas" repeated in the forum thread lol.

So here is mine copied from my forum entry.

There once was a patent lawsuit.
It was pushed buy a once bitten fruit.
The companies were complaining,
The lawyers were retaliating,
And it is the consumers who ended up paying.

The new iphone is a dud
It came with a earpeircing thud
Fanboys are shocked
Their god has been rocked
Investers prepare for some blood
But still the nexus 7 is my bud..

There once was a free Nexus 7
Rated from one to ten it got eleven
As fast as lighting
It's apps were enlightening
It's a gift to earth from heaven.

There once was a free Nexus,
as sleek as a new Lexus.

I can dream of the day,
I can surf, chat, or play.

There are apps and such,
and I’d download a bunch.

But the best of part of all,
Not having to shop for one at the mall!

There once a tablet called NEXUS
It ran smoother than a sleek new Lexus
If you hold it just right
You really just might
Have a smile thats bigger than Texas

With a click and a clack
And a great big pack,
Down through the chimney,
Pretty nimbly
Somebody comes on Christmas eve!

If we are real nice
And as still as mice,
If we never peep,
And are sound asleep,
He'll fill our stockings, I do believe!

And when we arise
Next day our eyes
Will grow big to see
How perfectly
He knew what we all wished to receive!

A New Shiny Nexus 7!!

There once was a great mobile OS
But Jobs said his was the best
Thermonuclear war
By suing galore
Couldn't stop Samsung or the rest

They say an Apple a day
helps keep the doctor away
but their maps keep you away
from everything else...
So pay Google Play for a Nexus today
because being lost is just as bad to your health!

Limericks are awesome when done well. Please disqualify the unoriginal ones that start with "There once was..."

And a limerick doesn't HAVE to not have said phrase to be good, either. Just let them judge. Gotta be fair to everyone, not prejudging based on a single phrase.

There once was a tablet called Nexus
That came down from the heavens to impress us
Lots of butter, jelly beans and wondrous treats
Something that other OS's were unable to beat.
A tablet experience that remains unbeaten
To iOS and Windows 8 you have been beaten.

Love from your neighbourhood AndroidMan

There once was a bot named Andy,
That all the ladies found quite dandy.
They dropped their steve jobs,
And picked up their droid phones,
Which left them feeling quite randy.

There once was a free Nexus 7,
Who came down and graced me from heaven.
I fell down my stairs,
All free from them lay'rs,
From OEM's that think they are leaven.

You should put in your order today,
for a nexus 7 from Google play.
It's got the Google Apps suite,
Its display is a treat,
And its maps app won't lead you astray.

To be given a free Nexus 7,
I think that would surely be heaven!
So, this limerick I wrote,
and posted this note,
On the Forums that go to Eleven!

Topeka, KS

There once was a free Nexus 7,
Google and Asus are a match made in heaven,
Android Central is by far the best blog around,
Not winning this contest would sure make me frown,
So spread some holiday cheer by giving me a free Nexus 7!

Google baby, slip a One X under the tree, HTC
I've been an awful good boy
Google baby, and bring us all some Key Lime Pie

Google baby, I'd like to have a Samsung too, Note 2
Tuck a stylus behind my ear
Google baby, and bring us all some Key Lime Pie

Think of all the apps I've missed
Think of all the iDevices that I haven't dissed
Next year I could be oh so good
If you'd check off my Christmas list
Boo doo bee doo

Google honey, a Razr phone that's oh so thin
That's In!
I've been an angel all year
Google baby, and bring us all some Key Lime Pie

Google cutie, keep all my music up in the cloud
Not too loud
Google baby, and bring us all some Key Lime Pie

Google baby, I wanna watch Netflix in the den, on a Nexus 10
Send me a Nexus in time
Google baby, and bring us all some Key Lime Pie

Come and see my wallpaper tree
With Google Now knowing where I need to be
I really do believe in you
Let's see if you believe in me
Boo doo bee doo

Google baby, want to send me to heaven? Nexus 7!
To go with my GNex phone
Google baby, and bring us all some Key Lime Pie

Hurry down the chimney tonight
Hurry down the chimney tonight

I hate that song.

Great job though.

But seriously. I hate that song. Every chick that has sung it has been a tart.

A Nexus and I went up a hill
to sit by a tree and chill
I asked "How much will this be?"
She said "I can be free,
it's all up to Phil."

Having a nexus would be great,
Maybe better than a date,
Oh please pick me,
I want it for free,
Tell me now, what is my fate?

I once had a tablet named Xoom,
that heard it was time to make room
for a Nexus 7 was on it's way
to tether and play
and off it went with a zooooooom!!!!

Of all the tablet choices
Androids are like Rolls Royces
Phil please pick me!
Nothing's better than free!
Nexuses are my favorite devices

Oh nexus seven, where can you be
The world is dangerous, especially the sea
Tell phil that i miss you
I need to hug and kiss you
I need to win this, i plea

The best meal for me must be breakfast
The size of which would be Texas
Theres no food in the house
guess i'll just eat that mouse
Oh look whats for free, a Nexus!!!

There once was a man with a Nexus.
Who texted while driving his Lexus.
As he looked away,
He drove into the bay.
And now he teaches driver safety.

Steve doesn't believe in hexes.
So he said, "Let's have one more Nexus"
So Google can live,
Android Central must give,
To me a punch in the solar plexus.

My beautiful Nexus with me is all day
When he isn't there I fall in dismay
The ROM is a hogger
And I am a blogger
My beautiful charger with me is all day!

Google and Apple went up the hill
Battling it out each quarter
Apple fail down,Google took the crown
Free Nexus 7s for all around

The tale of the EVO 4g
Held by Apple across a great sea
USA made a rule
They said it was cool
Then Sprint gave my EVO to me

Dear AC: after a simple review of the number of posts so fsr (25 per page and 36 pages) and noting that approximately half of the entries begin with the phrase "There once was", I estimate that by week's end you will have to read those three words 21,600 times.... Each word... Approximately... Ouch!

My gnex has been lonely lately
She needs a new pal rather greatly
How bout an n7?
It's a match made in heaven
If I win, please nobody hate me!

Twas a week before Christmas and all through the house,
Not an iProduct was stirring, Not even a Magic Mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that a Nexus would be placed right in there.

The adults were were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Lloyds danced in their heads.
My girl in her PJ's, and I in my cap,
Had turned off our Droids for a brief winter's nap.

When on android central arose such a clatter,
I sprang to my laptop to see what was the matter.
Onto my couch I flew with such speed,
Flipped open my laptop and wrote with a need.

With a click and a clack, I typed as fast I could,
To write a great limerick, like all of you should.
It was one clever poem, fit with many a witty line.
I knew the Nexus 7 would shortly be mine.

I thank Android Central, and toast you with my beer.
To all a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

Nexus 7 Just Gives Us Cheer.
Because Christmas Is Almost Here.
Ol' Whats That We Hear.
Google Now Is Near.
Phil Says Google n Boooom It Appears!!

Corny Lol But I Like It. Merry Christmas AC n Everyone

I could go out on a big shopping spree,
But I'd rather stay home and win stuff for free.
Others may prefer a shiny new lexus.
But I'll be content with a 7 inch Nexus
Please tell Loyd to leave one under my tree.

There once were people who didn't read.

They did not do what we need.

They wrote a poem in this thread,

instead of using their head,

because the rules they did not heed.

I love the new Google machine
That runs Android Jelly Bean
I'd use Google Play
on the 7 inch display
My favorite X-men is Wolverine.

there once was a man named philip,
who wrote of a gem named nexus,
which holds info in it's package,
of which should be in my presence.

There once was a Nexus
wh got shipped to a fan from Texas
It made the best gift ever
Pairing it with his S3 was clever

Three cheers for Android Central.
Their writing warms my ventral.
Now what would be heaven,
is a new Nexus 7,
Not a silly iPad entrail.

I had the first android the g1
I went to apple and no fun
Now I have the note
This thing is a boat
But now I feel like I won