TouchType has released a closed beta of its highly anticipated SwiftKey Tablet keyboard. The larger inspired keyboard is optimised for Android tablet devices running Honeycomb. The creative minds behind SwiftKey, developer TouchType, has made the beta available exclusively to their SwiftKey VIP forum members. Anyone who wants to give the beta a "feel" or "touch," can register here. Once registered, newly appointed VIP members can download the tablet beta here. Make the jump to see the beta in action. Oh, and since SwiftKey is so awesome, we think you should vote for them in the CTIA Emerging Technology Awards.


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SwiftKey Tablet Beta now available for VIP forum members [video]


I agree it is awesome, unfortunately I can't use this due to nerve damage in my right shoulder, arm and hand but it would be so much easier to type on my xoom with the layout of this keyboard. I imagine they will get alot of downloads off this.

How would this run on the Nook Color. Im just curious beccause it would be a nice alternative to the stock keyboard.

Works wonderfully, i am typing this with Swift key beta on my nook color running Honeycomb v4, eMMc.... I was using thumb keyboard before this.

There is phone support under the same developer for the newest SwiftKey Beta. It's black and green and features a Rapidfire mode which is simply badass.

Is it me, or does it looks similar to Thumb Keyboard for Xoom now?

I find sidewall-thumb typing to be much harder than I thought it would.. I find looking to such extreme sides, more difficult..