Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon, that ridiculously difficult and ridiculously awesome game from Terry Cavanaugh, received an update today that, among other things fixes input lag on a number of devices, notably the Nexus 7. That's been a sore spot for many of us since launch.

Also, the game should now launch faster, setup has been improved, and the legacy options button is gone. Plus, you'll find other bugfixes. 

Hit the link above to get your game on.


Reader comments

Super Hexagon update helps with lag on Nexus 7, other devices


It's the reason I am a proud owner of an iPad.. I owned the Nexus 10 for 10 days did nothing but lag.. All that power in the Nexus 10 and it still lags just like the Nexus 7... Apple has the iPad working correctly... And with zero lightbleed.. Another Nexus Tablet issue that is NOT being addressed.

Its easy if you only have 4 devices, but when you have 200+ devices to support your apps, with different processors and screen sizes the thing changes a lot...

After my most recent update to my N7 I haven't experienced lag. Multi Tasking and even running hefty games like Epic Citadel are buttery smooth.

Just two points to put out there:

-Is the only point of this comment to complain about the Nexus 10?

-Why would you return a tablet just because one game lags on it?