Epic Touch 4G

That blurry little slice of heaven you see here is the Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G Touch, Esq. (See what we did there?) And it apparently is in the hands of Android Central Forums member Atomicvoice, who managed to get one out of his local Sprint store today after they called and told him to come pick it up.

Nobody's saying which store this was. But if you can't possibly wait another 15 hours or so, it might be worth a phone call or two.

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Sprint stores selling the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch a little early?


It's sad. I just had to switch to Android a couple of days ago and I already miss webOS. Having all the apps on Android is nice, but the day to day tasks of email, messaging, and phone calls are not as good as webOS. And of course there's the cards and JustType... I hate HP..

Yep. Most people thought HP was the best company to buy webOS but in reality, they were one of the worst. Help me HTC, you're my only hope.

I tried to get mine today.....was a no-go. Guy gave me a sheepish grin and apologized, "Sorry, really....I just can't." Oh well, I can wait another day.

Does anyone know if Best Buy is officially carrying this phone yet? Dealing with the San Francisco Sprint store is enough to make me leave the carrier.

The store on Van Ness and Olive? If so, I agree completely. I wandered around that store for 20 minutes while the employees joked around at the counter. No one said a word to me so I walked out and ordered a new phone online...

The Downtown Yerba Buena store is the worst. It's apparently the only store in SF with the ability to make decisions because the other stores seems to always direct customers there.

I'll give a long-winded example of their incompetence. When my EVO 4G stopped vibrating completely I was sent to their store. After waiting over an hour for them to look at it, they tell me that there's nothing they can do because it passed their diagnostic test. Even though it doesn't vibrate apparently everything works just fine. Finally the manager comes over and offers to do me a "favor" by allowing me to pay $30 for a refurbished phone. But here's the catch: They won't call me when it comes in, I have to call them and ask if it's there. WTF. Whatever. So a week later I try to call, after going through the whole phone tree, the phone rings in store once, then brings me back to a message that everyone is busy and unable to answer the phone without the option to ring again. I have to hang up and call back. This continues for days. When I finally do talk to someone it's not in and they recommend that in the future I actually come into the store to check on the phone rather than calling. You've got to be shitting me. (It's a horrible PITA to park around there.)

A month later I finally get a new-used phone. When I get it home it won't charge at all. I go back to the store and they say that they don't have any other replacement EVOs and I'll have to wait at least two weeks. When I asked what I'm supposed to do with a phone that won't charge, the "manager" had the balls to suggest that I bring it into the store every day so that they can charge the battery for me. And they still won't call me when another one comes in. So two weeks later I show up in the store and they have one refurbished phone left (as I watch them pull off a sticky note with someone else's name and address.) The phone they gave me still doesn't vibrate and the bezel is cracked in multiple places. I gave up at that point. They won.

TL;DR: I paid Sprint $30 to throw my phone against a wall and then give it back to me six weeks later as "refurbished".

Your story sounds a little far fetched. I've never had that kind of treatment by a Sprint representative ever. I've been with them for 7 years. Thanks though. I'll keep away from San Francisco my whole life.

It may sound far fetched, but it's true. It was kind of like being kicked in the balls repeatedly.

BTW- I hope you meant that you'll stay away from the San Francisco Sprint store, not the whole city :)

Because that probably is a development phone made in 2004 and Sammy is just now getting around to releasing it.

Only "the best selling Sprint locations" will be carrying the phone, as far as best buy is concerned. It's limited to something like 200 stores nation-wide, so check with your local store for details.

Mines is shipping now from Wirefly. I'm hoping for it to be here by Friday but i doubt it. Still for $119 I'll be glad to wait at least for a few more days.

This is my very first Android phone, So I'm pretty excited that it has best of the best features.

It is a HP/Palm cable....but you have to check the actual charging module. Having a Touchpad, I use my HP charger on my EVO 4g. It charges faster because of the higher voltage. I'm also upgrading to the Epic Touch 4g...just called to confirm my reservation with my Sprint gift card.

Great phone; sucky name. Check it out... a friend comes up to me and asks which phone I have. I say, "Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch." Half way through saying the name, the restaurant closes and everyone has left. Why can't the phone just be named "ePhone?"

Call your Best Buy stores, first.

I called two stores 3 times last week and asked them if they were gonna carry this phone on 9/16. None of them knew!!
I finally call today. One store says that they will sell them on 9/16, and another says that they won't sell it on 9/16.