Sprint Galaxy S III

Sprint just given us word with news about the Galaxy S III launch. It pretty much mirrors their posting on the matter yesterday, and the short version is that they just won't have enough handsets to go around.

Due to overwhelming demand for Galaxy S III worldwide, Samsung has informed us they will not be able to deliver enough inventory of Galaxy S III for Sprint to begin selling the device on June 21. We are working closely with Samsung on a delivery schedule to support our launch.
We have begun shipping pre-orders for the 16GB version of Samsung Galaxy S III and anticipate they will be delivered by June 21. We hope to begin shipping pre-orders for the 32GB version next week as we receive inventory. Customers can check the status of their pre-order at www.sprint.com/myorder.

Having people buying your product as fast as you can produce it is a problem every company would like to have, but that doesn't ease the sting for those with money in hand waiting for the new hotness. Now that Sprint and AT&T (and T-Mobile unofficially) have pushed back the release date, it looks like the US will face the same shortage that Canada will. Sprint just got Samsunged.

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Thruk says:

I would rather be one of those waiting with "money in hand" you mention... sprint has had my money since the 5th and I am still waiting...

Boowalley says:

Same here and they started charging me on the 5th also. I asked a rep about the fairness of this and I was told that I was advised of this before I gave them my credit card. But that was under the assumption that I would get my phone as advertised. Just venting because nothing is going to change.

DWR_31 says:

If you're waiting on this phone to use their service and don't have another handset in use on the line, they will have to prorate your bill because you didn't have a way of using their service do to lack of equipment on their part.

*And this does hold up in court.*

DWR_31 says:


DAS says:

I don't know if this is the case, so correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the first time an Android device faced this level of shortage and delay strictly because of demand?

Other issues have caused delays for Android devices before, but this has got to be a first? Apple has this challenge all the time it seems, and while the delays are disappointing, I have to believe that Samsung is actually secretly enjoying this problem.

Unfortunately for me, this means that I cannot walk into the store tomorrow and pick up the GS3. I'll now have to wait until inventory catches up. I said I'd never pre-order anything again, but this time I wish I had.

BrianBaker says:

Original HTC Evo 4G say hello

rd_nest says:

International name??

Mtn_Scott says:

Delivered at the speed of their network...... :)

LMAO. You win the Internet

dwb3838 says:

I bet apple sure hates to see the demand for all these New android phones before they launch there new iPhone .

epic_mike29 says:

WTF! c'mon man! i got about 500 bucks of hard earned money that sprint needs to take from my hands and replace it with a sweet piece of technology!

i also too wish i would have done a pre-order now. S*%T!

Premium1 says:

I think samsung really underestimated the demand for this and it shows how many people actually want this phone. This is turning into an iphone esque like launch.

bigtank says:

Cmon SPRINT...I was part of the EVO LTE fiasco and now this. Yes both situations are caused by different forces however to the END USER its the same BS. Its like I ordered a pizza from PIZZA HUT then 2 hours later learning that the tomato supplier didnt come and there is no sauce. Its not the tomato supplier's fault at that point. Same logic applies here

n.o. droid says:

15 year sprint customer...first time pre orderer(I know)..and my phone is in kentucky on the way to new orleans ...lucky me

trooper54 says:

0/2 on big releases this year sprint.... w2g

jrmitchell72 says:

How/why is this the carrier's fault? It is clearly stated that Samsung cannot meet the demand. And HTC was held up for other reasons out of Sprint's control. It's fine if you don't like Sprint, for whatever reason, but this is not their fault.

bigtank says:

Fault doesnt come into play though...Its their(Sprint's) business to take care of this type thing....any business is only as good as its supply chain.....right or wrong?

tonytimes says:

But how can they take care of it if the supply is being controlled by SAMSUNG? I agree Sprint if anything does not want this an issue but the phone maker was not able to keep up.

focr6 says:

a lil birdie told me that there was an issue with a chip that the US version has? (cpu) and that it comes from two different suppliers, japanese and chinese, to meet the demand. Well, chinese chip has problems, like the phone wont boot up completely, and trying to activate has its issue as well, but they are working hard to fix it. i say, i dont believe it, but the guy who told me knows his source... and please do not ask for which company this particular person works for... and reason why all US carriers are delaying this... i do not want to believe it, because when the blue GS3 had its "cosmetic" issues, samsung didnt hide this problem, so i would expect them to say this. with that being said, i know some1 who works at a sprint store, and has told me that to her knowledge, the gs3 didnt have that many preorders as they expected... and that iphone 4s' are still a top seller, which proves my theory of iphone users, are a bunch of ignorants. so i dont feel bad that there are more iphones in the US, NOT AT ALL!

Bestbuy better send me an email tomorrow to come pick up my new blue GS3!!! and that would mean that this rumor is not true... which i hope its not! (meaning, Bestbuy has their own separate supply orders than sprint?)

Just stopped by to my local best buy to ask about the release tomorrow of the GS3 and they told me they will not be receiving any shipments until maybe early next week or two weeks from now. I felt like cancelling my pre-order but the phone will sue be hard to get anywhere unless you pre-ordered from sprint.

jfenton says:

Best Buy called me and told me that their local Sprint rep advised no phones till "some time next week", even for preorders in store.

astoriacub says:

There was a story on another site reporting in other mostly Asia and eastern Europe the HTC One S had Qualcomm S3 in them and not the S4 due to the high demand of the S4 Krait.

slackerjack says:

Neither the EvoLTE or Gs3 delays are sprints fault...I do applaud them for actually communicating about it this time though
Pisses people off less...

Bertron says:

True, Sprint has kept it's clients in the loop w/ updates. Any who, I will have mines this morning, because it's out for delivery, yayhoo me :-)

Letz Go HEAT !!!

Mr. Hesse we have a problem. We don't know how many 32gb GS3's we will be able to get our hands on. I don't care, pre-sell the #$%& out of them, who cares if we can deliver on time. Make sure you don't say $%&# to the public until 2 days before.

finanandroid says:

Sprint is and will be a looser, slow network and unethical business practices I tried them for two days only no way.

ReggieTee says:

I don't think Sprint in the "looser" here.

briankurtz79 says:

loser! .....yeah you!!!!!

thegirls#WN says:

We Did our pre order at bestbuy and They told me They won't know anything until the am. I am disappointed but had a feeling This could happen.

cowboys2000 says:

I am thinking of this phone or the Evo LTE as an upgrade for 1-2 lines.

Last week, it was announced about a shortage for Canada.

A week before, news broke that the phone would not be held up despite the efforts of Apple.

Anyone who has kept up should have know there wasn't a definite release date. Yet, many pre-ordered anyway.

So why are so many "surprised" about the delay?

kxc1279 says:

My preordered 16GB Pebble Blue is on it's way. This will give me a chance to see if that 2GB(1.6GB) RAM is noticeable against the International White 16GB Exynos I currently have on AT&T. So far I am in love with the GS3. Everything runs buttery smooth, much better than my OneX running Sense and it's awful "multitasking"(although it is now running CM9 and is awesome). In many ways I feel that the GS3 is a souped up Galaxy Nexus, and that was sweet to begin with. So happy Android and Samsung is giving Apple a run for their money, competition is always good!

Bertron says:

Yayhoo meeeeee, my new S3 is out on the Ups truck for delivery this am morning :-) I will be 1 of the 1st to have my hands on the new hottest flagship phone in the world...SGS3 !!!

Letz Go 3-1 Hott-HEAT....BOOYAH :-0

zarian2 says:

16GB Sprint Pebble Blue out for delivery as of 7AM this morning. Going by UPS' track record for deliveries to my house.... I should be seeing it around 8:59PM tonight!

mayito537 says:

Got my S III in White delivered today Thursday 06/21 at 11:00am. I'm with Sprint; Florida. I almost knock the UPS guy down for making me waste time signing the delivery sheet. Loving this device so far.