Sprint Swype

Sprint and Swype have teamed up to launch the latest version of the popular keyboard on the Nexus S 4G, available starting today. The update brings a bevy of new features to Swype, including a new custom skin, improved handling of proper nouns, updated tap correction, personal dictionary management, and shortcut gestures. The beta version of the latest release will be available for all users in the coming weeks, while Nexus S 4G owners can grab it now at the source link.

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Sprint gives Nexus S 4G owners first dibs at latest version of Swype


And XDA updates the rest of us.... I really don't use skype anymore... If it also doubled as a good KB to acutally type on especially in Landscape i'd use it more

Isn't that a bit backwards? Release on a carrier, then release to the beta group?

And I agree, Swype isn't useful for me since it sucks so hard in Landscape mode.

I like SwiftKey . . . but I love Better Keyboard... too bad Google Banned them into the Ether :-( . . . I didn't have it installed at the time... now I have to go dig for an APK:-(

The UI looks MUCH better. Also, the custom gestures looks like a really nice feature. Video here: sprint.swype.com/android/tutorial

An interesting adaptation of the Swype I am used to (latest beta)...the numbers are along the top row, add opposed to in a cluster which I'd going to take some getting used to... Not sure why they choose blue sense the nexus s uses a green color scheme. But I do welcome the new . So far so good. There I'd even a quick shortcut for smiley faces B-)

tried to download on my nexus but for some reason it won't generate the license while i'm on miui because you can't deselect a keyboard to remove it from you input method list.

those gestures look so awesome, it's something i never thought about but know i'm going to use all the time! i love swype and use it all the time, it's the perfect one-handed keyboard. i can't wait until an update is available for my epic and i hope this is the standard on the epic touch. :D

I've been using swype on my nexus s 4g for a couple months want that hard to get it before. As for landscape mode that a couple people are complaining about I don't see the problems you speak of. It has worked buttery smooth on my nexus s 4g since I installed it couple months ago. Guess I have one of those mysterious nexus phones that doesn't have problems. I seen this all the time at pre central when I go there about my webos device. People complaining something doesn't work right for them our some hardware issue I never see. Sometimes I think unhappy people complain just to complain and other times I mark it down as user error not device put os error. Just saying.. But woo hoo a me version of swype. I'm excited cause I really like this kb.. And yes I've tried the others out. This one works best for me. My personal ppreference. What works good for one may not work good for you. Don't hate. Lol

I had the latest Swype on my EVO. Then Sprint in their idiot wisdom pushed through an OS update...let's see...I think it was Froyo! And with that came a version of Swype I used when the company released their first version.

Totally SUCKS!!! All the loyal Swype users who got screwed out of not only the latest version which we had, but the inability to update to the newest version because Sprint put a lock on it.

I have unfortunately abandoned Swype and am still searching for a keyboard that comes close. So far, SlideIt is about the closest and it's not without it's flaws either.

Swype and Sprint? Your (*#&$^#*#@^%$ partnership just sucks.