Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S3

Slowly but surely I'm starting to see the dust at the bottom of the mess that is my desk. Up for grabs today is a Mophie Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S3. This thing'll protect your phone while it charges it up, basically giving you another battery cycle before you break down and plug it in.

If you're in it to win it, leave a comment on this post. We'll shut things down around midnight and scoop up a winner. Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win a Mophie Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S3



I really really love you guys,I am always tuned in to the very good information in which you guys post. I do not have the s3 but my mother does and I would really like to win this contest so that I can give it to my mother for mothers day. I am a 16 year old male in which can not afford this kind of gift for my mom without the help of you guys, please consider me as your winner thank you.

I need to win this because my poor S3 can only last about half a day no matter what I do

Oh I so need one of those. I always have my phone on a charger because I use it all day long. It is my go to device, I never use my laptop anymore for anything.

Omg my girlfriend recently had the charging port break on hers, would love to be able to replace it for her!

I don't think it would help as the case charges the port through the port I believe.

I've only had my S3 for a month and it's just not lasting as long as I'd like. Also, I could use more battery life for longer Ingress excursions.

Completely unrelated to this post, but it is a comment...

After reading todays camera shootout article, I think I've now decided I don't want either one and will wait for the next Nexus, which means more power for my GS3 would be nice :-)


Giveaways like this one are always appreciated. Love the new Android Central app by the way. Keep up the awesome work!

Don't have an S3, but my sister does and she just had a baby in February. This would be a great mother's day gift for her.

I could, along with many of the others here, could get a lot of use out of this! Thank you for your consideration!

This would be great for the days I'm at the races! Pictures plus live tweeting kills my battery. Please and thanks!

Pick me! My wife needs it since she watches Netflix on her GS3 while she's at the gym and drains all her battery.

I'd love to have one! My wife tells me her S3 doesn't last as long has her iPhone 4. I've called her out on it a few times about how many MORE pictures and videos she takes. This pack would help her take EVEN MORE pictures and videos!

:o Yes please, this would be a great accessory to have. That would really help so I'm not constantly looking for somewhere to charge "just in case". :)

Big fan, long time reader. First to share the new app on 'Plus. I don't enter contests ever, but thought I would try one put on by you guys. Wish me luck, and either way, thanks for the site.

I could definitely use this thing but I wanna win this so I can say I won something from one of my favorite tech sites. ;-)

I need one of these so bad; work requires me to be on my phone constantly, and I am forever looking for ways/places to recharge my phone.

I know I'm super behind, but I just got the S3. I LOVE IT IT. Just wish the battery was better. I know the S4 is out but hey I'm a baller on a budget. ;-)

I know chances are slim, but I need one of these bad boys!! Missed an important message at work today because my phone died! :(

I'd like to try that for my s3, btw doing this comment from the new app which is really convenient.

This would come in handy. Been wanting one but never had money for it. Hope I'm lucky enough to win!

Could use one of these about now as candy crush has me addicted and seriouly drains the battery along with all the other phone uses.

Mophie Juice Pack is the perfect companion for my big bubba travel chair! Quoting Mr. Eastwood "Please, make my day!"

This will help me take more pictures of my wife with our 4 month old son!!!! Do you need my address now? ;)

Mophie, mophie, mophie. Galax-ese for "I want some more power, please". (translation by Google Translate app and saved to the new Phrasebook)

Just bought my daughter s3 and the school she volunteers at has bad reception and it kills her battery. This would be awesome to win and give to her...thanks

I would love to win this for work. I have to turn my data off after lunch to make it through the day

This would be awesome, extra juice to get through the day is never a bad thing!

I would love to come up with something witty and clever to say but I've got nothing at this time. So, I'll just say "Pick me Please"! :)

Over here! North of the border! This Canadian needs some JUICE for his S3!

I would love to have it! Just got a Galaxy S 3 last thursday, new to the Android world, and I love it! :)

I need this juice pack because I am always on my phone! On a good day, I'd probably get about half a day of battery life lol!

...keeping my fingers crossed!

Woop woop some extra juice for my current device would come in really handy xD i'd love that

I have a charger at home and one in the car, so I don't need this, but I really WANT it because it's very cool and I am lacking a nerd/geek/techie gene so I don't have any cool stuff.

This will be an added Mother's Day Gift for the Misses, well a Post Mother's Day Gift that is :-)

It's like a battery operated hard hat for my S3? Oh, now THAT would be sah-weet! Yes, please!

This would be great to have since the battery life on my s3 is slowly dwindling. Oh who am I kidding it's quickly dwindling!

I would love this. My phone keeps on doing dead from taking pics of my newborn. Please help me keep being the annoying dad who can't stop taking pictures of his son.

I would very much like to have a Mofie! I'm new to the android market! I just came over from the Iphone 4s. I used to have a Mofie with it. It worked very well! This would be a great addition for this phhone.

I never win any stinkin prize. This would be a nice new addition to my aging S3 though. :)

I haven't got an S3 but have been thinking of grabbing one on Swappa.. to replace my 3 year old Incredible! This would make a perfect companion to it

I needed that yesterday. Had to skip dinner to recharge at the airport to make it home with any battery left last night.

This would really help right now with my S3 on CM RC1 for 10.1 as it's draining like crazy! Hope to win though I'll have the problem fixed before I get the case (I hope)!

Itd be great to use my phone and not worry so much about having a charger close to me.

I would love to be able to give this to the finance. She loves her S3, but always complains about the battery life. This would make her day!

I've tried everything to figure out ways to save battery on my S3. Installed battery saving apps, uninstalled apps, disabled, check forums... The list is endless..

But we can end this by letting me win... PLEASE.

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