Sprint Galaxy Nexus

Did you manage to get a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus on preorder when they were still available? Seems some folks are already having their devices dropped off at their door. Anyone else get theirs today?

Thanks, gene26!


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Some Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus preorders already being delivered


Today was the earliest possible day customers could get them according to the Sprint reps I spoke to. Good to see a few lucky folks got theirs as promised! Regardless of how quickly the crew at AC turned on this phone when the One S was released, I am strongly considering this phone if and when Sprint starts to offer it for $49.

I'm noT a fanboy. But if you like good camera quality it's not contest. I agree the Nexus is better in everything else but the camera in the S2 is miles better than the Nexus.

yeah.. too bad the Nexus is primarily a camera that happens to have a few mobile/data features added on. It's really missing its main market of video professionals.

Well, video pros like myself need a Great camera. I like the nexus a lot. But don't deny its shortcomings of the camera.

Got my today love it so far
I have a replacement evo 3d on the way white wonder how much I can get for it

Ordered mine shortly after getting the text message from Sprint, and I received it this afternoon!

Running a backup of my old phone (thanks Titanium!) before I start playing with my new toy (^_^)

I received mine yesterday as well. Awesome phone. Just waiting for LTE to light up in the L.A./O.C. area....

I don't know if anyone knows this, but Sprint is going to start charging 11.00 for TEP for phones that retail for 459.49 and higher. You can still pay 8/month for phones 459.48 or less. I'm surprised it hasn't been posted yet. I work for Sprint and saw the memo Friday.

My 3G speeds have been improving over the last few weeks. I think Sprint has been doing some upgrades lately.

Got mine yesterday around 6:00 PM via UPS. Migrated from an HTC Evo 4G. I used wi-fi on my Evo far more than I did WiMax, so didn't care that we don't have LTE in Seattle yet, plus I've been dying for a vanilla Android phone. Went to a Sprint store after the phone was delivered, and a rep told me us Seattle-folk should get LTE in the 2nd wave of rollouts... though even he admitted we should take this with the usual grain of salt. His jaw dropped when he saw the phone, 'cause they certainly didn't have any yet. :)

Got my Sprint Gnex on Thursday and loving it!!! What a phone! ICS is Smooooooooooooth. When and where can I go to get rooted/bootloader unlocked? Can't wait until some ROMs are up and running!

Got my Sprint Gnex on Thursday and loving it!!! What a phone! ICS is Smooooooooooooth. When and where can I go to get rooted/bootloader unlocked? Can't wait until some ROMs are up and running!

Got mine yesterday and had it all set up. It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure we're going to be best friends.
With one small problem.
I noticed today that I wasn't receiving incoming calls. Outgoing calls work fine, as do sms/mms, and data. Spent almost an hour on the phone with Sprint customer service and, kind and patient as the assistant was, no solution was found and he recommended taking it to retail for hardware diagnostics.
They didn't have any of theirs in stock yet (not even in the system) so no real tests could be made, and he suggested a factory reset. This fixed the problem while I was there.
Five hours later it has stopped working again and a factory reset no longer helps. I can still make outgoing calls but incoming calls don't reach the phone. The caller hears the standard number of rings before being forwarded to my Sprint Voice Mailbox.
Has anyone else had this problem? Do you have a more permanent fix?

I wish I could share in the happiness, but my Galaxy Nexus which I received yesterday didn't perform as expected. I could not get a data connection, after making sure of all the settings were correct, I gave Sprint a call. They had me perform some *# number updates hoping to correct the issue, but as of today, still no data connection. The Sprint Store locally hadn't apparently heard of this problem at all.......surprising. End result, this phone is going back to Sprint. Apparently, there are a few devices wherein users can make calls, receive calls, but no data connection..........very disappointed considering I just sold my HTC EVO 4g and was fully expecting this phone to be the one for at least a few years....Escalated support told me they were aware of the issue and they were working on an update fix. However, what they couldn't tell me is when it would be done, just that they had the best people working on it. With only a 14 day window to know for sure it would be solved, I felt better to just return it and wait it out until the Nexus is stable. I don't wanna be stuck with a $300.00 phone that isn't working entirely. I'm a little surprised to be the first one so far to have not had good luck out of the box anyway. You guys are lucky to not have been as unfortunate.