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Just a quick heads up that if you buy the Verizon Galaxy Nexus directly from Samsung, ol' Sammy's gonna throw in a free 2100 mAh extended battery and battery door. That's with a two-year contract, of course, and the phone itself costs $299. Use the link below if you're in the market.

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Samsung throws in free extended battery if you buy the Galaxy Nexus from it


Mine cost me $249 at VZW, and they sold me the extended battery at half off, for $24 bucks. And I paid retail, as an early adopter. How is this a deal?

(that being said, the Gnex with the extended battery isn't the razr maxx as far as battery life, but I get a full day of use out of it every time.)

I have chargers everywhere (home, office, car etc...) and I don't really worry about battery too much, but it would be nice to just unplug the phone for the day and never be concerned with having a dead phone until i go to bed.

I've got an upgrade burning a hole in my pocket. Should I get the Nexus? Or wait for another Verizon phone?

I have the nexus for verizon i would recommend waiting. it is a great phone, but with everything coming out it is hard to justify getting the nexus.

I bought the Nexus last week. It's an excellent phone, but I sent it back already because the antenna was awful on it.

It's a tough call at this point. A few months ago I'd have said GNex. If you want the 'pure google experience' it's GNex, or wait until later this year for the next release.

Otherwise look for something that has 4.0 or 4.0 announced soon.

But does anyone know what the true google experience is? and is it actually a good thing. We're not eating pizza atop the Eiffel Tower here...